Camping Lantern Review #BYlight

BYB Camping Lantern

BYB Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern


This camping lantern is perfect for tons of uses! We love to go camping once a year and this camping lantern is perfect. It runs on three AAA batteries and is super bright. My hunny took over this lantern the minute he saw it. He now carries it in his work truck because he uses it all the time. This lantern is extremely bright for its size and for only using AA batteries. The only thing I would change is that it would be even better if it was also rechargeable. This camping lantern did not include the batteries needed but no big deal. It also has handles that easily fold up or down.

To use the lantern just:
1. Unscrew the bottom part of the lantern, insert 3 AA batteries, and screw the bottom back on.
2. Move the handles up
3. Pull upward gently on the handles while holding the bottom of the lantern.
4. The light automatically stays on until you close it or the batteries run out.
5. To turn it off you must close the lantern by pushing it back down.

BYB Camping LanternYou can see the light turn off if you look closely at the light as you close the lantern. It doesn’t click off until it is about 1/4 an inch from being closed all of the way. So far I really like the lantern. It is a perfect size and doesn’t take up much space. It is light and can easily be transported or carried around. I like it better than a flashlight because I can just set it on the table.

You can get the BYB Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern on Amazon.

Product Description

  • ★ The latest COB technology & specular reflection design, softness & no dazzling sense
    ★ Foldaway handles, portable & durable superior design
    ★ Heavy Duty Waterproof, ideal for any indoor & outdoor trips or any emergency events
    ★ Mini tiny and lightweight, Multifunctional convenience allowing you to adapt to any environment
    ★ Powered by 3x AA alkaline batteries(NOT INCLUDED)

Do you still using flashlight when you are going camping? 
Say goodbye to flashlight when you are going to camping 
Get a BYB camping lantern to your home 
Enjoy your camping holiday, this camping lantern is very bright 
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Lightweight Lighting 
Convenient for taking it to anywhere with its lightweight design 
It provide you more than 12 hours for continuously working 
Shark ultra bright and help you to see your surrounding 
Holding a exceeding position for you when you are going camping 

How to operate it 
Just pop it up and the light turns on when you are ready to use it 
Also when you push it down, it will goes off 
On the other hand, the brightness will dim to an energy saving mode
When the power is getting lower 

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