Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee Review


Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee Single Serve Coffee Cups


Mint and Chocolate is a flavor that I think go perfectly together. I have tried and love the candies, now I had the chance to try the coffee. The Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee is an excellently-flavored brew. It tastes just right to me! It’s well-balanced and delicious,as well as, subtle-tasting. 


This coffee combines two of my favorite flavors into one amazing cup of coffee! I tend to drink it only on the weekends, this is because my first cup is when I’m always on the go. This coffee is definitely something I like to take my time with and enjoy. It has also become a favorite of my husband’s.  He does make this coffee daily, first thing in the morning. He says he likes to start his day chocolaty. 

Andes Mint Chocolate Coffee Single Cup. Two classic after-dinner treats have come together in one delicious mint-chocolaty cup. When the fresh, cool flavor of Andes Mints combines with the rich bold taste of coffee, your taste buds will feel invigorated, no matter what time of day. Compatible with all single serve brewers, including Keurig® and Keurig® 2.0.

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