Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee


I’m in heaven with Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee!


There is something about Cella’s Chocolate Covered Cherries that makes me crazy! Prior to receiving this coffee I had no idea that it existed.  Boy was I under a rock!! Now that I found it, there’s no going back! It’s the first thing I mention to my friends and family. They walk in to visit or call me and I say “Hey, did you know that there’s Cella’s Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee?” Crazy right? Well actually, if you haven’t tasted it….that’s what’s crazy! 

When I opened the box I popped it into the brewer and OM Gosh the scent of it brewing was amazing! The chocolaty cherry scent even had the boys coming into the kitchen! Poor little guys were so upset to learn it was coffee. I am one of those moms that don’t let their kids drink coffee, but that is a whole other post. Once the coffee was ready, I tried it and I couldn’t believe the taste. I love having my coffee with creamer, but in order to test any coffee for the first time I always drink it black. Let me tell you, this coffee tasted just as amazing as it smelled! It is so good that black is the only way I drink it! 


What’s more delicious than a juicy, ripe cherry? When it’s enclosed in a silky layer of premium chocolate. We’ve upped the ante even further, infusing our smooth coffee with the indulgent flavors of Cella’s Chocolate Covered Cherries, to create one supremely satisfying sip.

  • Keurig Compatible – Including new 2.0 brewers
  • 100% Arabica premium, high grade coffee beans
  • Small Batch roasted coffee perfectly blended with classic candy flavors

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You can get more information on this and other amazing coffee on the Two Rivers Coffee Co. Website



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