Try The World Japan Box Review


The July/August Try The World Subscription Box Features Japan!


You guys can guess by my Instagram posts that I am a big foodie! I am also a HUGE subscription box addict. That’s why when I was asked to review Try The World I was ecstatic! Try the World is a subscription service that invites your taste buds to explore a new city every sixty days. Inside each box you will receive 6-7 locally made/grown gourmet goodies or cultural finds. Subscriptions are $39 every 2 months, or less with longer commitments. I’ll talk more about that later. Let’s go ahead and unbox this beauty!

The July/August box takes us to Japan! Where we are going to get to sample the sweet and savory side of Japanese goodies!


The first thing I saw after taking off the lid is the Cultural Guide. This is something that I have never received in a subscription box. This is not the card that comes and tells you what is in the box. The Cultural Guide is a booklet that is full with music, movies, recipes and more all from the country that is being featured.


Next is the information card. This is the card that tells me everything that is in my amazing box.


This is my first look into the box!!! I absolutely love how the overall presentation of the box was top notch. I love how sturdy the box is, so much that I just had to save it. 

Here’s what was in my box. 


TAKAOKAYA, Seaweed Snack. This was amazing crumbled over rice. I also ate it straight out of the bag and it was great too.


AOI TEA, Blueberry matcha Tea. I have drank regular Matcha tea but now that I tried this blueberry one, it’s my absolute favorite.


HOUSE FOODS, Ginger Paste. On the products card it recommended to whisk this ginger paste with soy sauce to use as a dipping sauce. I tried it and it’s so delicious, especially when dipping potstickers into it. I also tried it as a marinade on chicken and OM Gosh was it amazing!!!


KASUGAI, Gummy Candies. These gummy candies are so delicious! Made with real fruit juice the taste is natural and not overly sweet. 


OTAFUKU FOODS, okonomiyaki kit. This is a popular dish throughout Japan. It’s an omelette-like pancake made with a variety of savory toppings. It includes the recipe in the package. 


ISHIGURO, yamaimo soba noodles. These soba noodles are made with yam extract and buckwheat, and are flexible soft and nutty. I absolutely loved eating these as a cold salad with ponzu sauce as dressing. 


MORINAGA, milk caramels. These are traditional Japanese caramels made from a recipe that dates back to 1899. These caramels are so delicious and the boys really enjoyed them.


I mentioned above that the Okonomiyaki Kit brought a recipe inside the package. I couldn’t wait to try it out so that same night I made it. Here’s how it came out.


It was so savory and delicious. I had never tried it before but now I can’t wait to order it from my favorite Japanese restaurant to have it again.

As you can tell I absolutely LOVED the Try The World Box. It’s a great box to discover Japanese cuisine! I love to cook, so I was so excited about all the things in this box. Especially the blueberry tea! Try the World does a great job of capturing the location they are featuring. I do want to note that the contents of the Try the World boxes do vary, so you may not receive the same items as someone else in the same month. The values will be equal though, so no worries there.

What do you think of Try the World? Let me tell you a little more about the subscription itself. 

Every 2 months you will receive:

* A box from a new country with 6-7 gourmet products curated by expert chefs.

* A Culture Guide with information on the featured country.

* A products card with information on all the products in the box.

There are 3 plans available for purchase.
BI-MONTHLY ($39 per box) – $39 every 2 months
SEMI-ANNUALLY ($35 per box) – $105 every 6 months
ANNUALLY ($33 per box) – $198 every 12 months


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