My reaction to ~ Copa America 2015: Colombia vs Brazil


My reaction the the 2015 Copa America Game of Colombia vs Brazil!

Those of you that follow my blog know what a HUGE soccer fan I am. I watch all the games I possibly can and of course I have my favorites among the big teams. But even when they aren’t the ones playing I still follow along with the other games in order to keep up with the scores and standings. I am so fortunate that my boys share in the love of the game and that I get to watch these games along with them.

I love for my boys to play sports because in my opinion sports teach so many life skills that are very important. That is why I get so upset when things like what happened during yesterday’s Colombia vs Brazil match occur.

The game between Colombia and Brazil yesterday 6/17/15 was a great game. It was a game that kept me on the edge of my seat! And in my opinion it was a well deserved win for Colombia today. Brazil did not answer the bell and saw their 11-match winning streak come to an end. All that being said it’s not the game itself but what happened after the match that has me writing this post.

After the ref had used the whistle to announce the end of the match and while Colombia celebrated their well deserved win that Neymar from the Brazilian team did something that shocked me. Neymar kicked a ball at the back of one of the players of the Colombian National Team. Which then turned everything into a mass brawl. Just take a look here:

As a fan of the sport this was very upsetting to me. Here are these well known players, players who are said to be among the best at this game. And they are showing such bad sportsmanship. 

I was grateful at that moment that this match was played on a school night and as such my boys were unable to see this game in it’s entirety. But we did have to have a discussion about it as they quickly woke up this morning to see the results of the game and instead were greeted by news of the brawl that happened after the match. Many reports that I have read are saying that it was the ref that made the bad call. Um excuse me did you see what happened???? I think the ref made a great call by red carding both of these guys. 

Any way…are you a soccer fan? Did you see this match? What’s your opinion as a fan, a parent, a person? 

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