Protein Shaker Bottle Review #Maximummuscular


Maximum Muscular Protein Shaker Bottle, Cup with Extra Storage Compartment for Powders & Pills.


This protein shaker bottle from Maximum Muscular can hold up to 20 oz of liquid. It’s said to be made from shatterproof plastic. I can’t vouch for that because I haven’t tested it like that. But it does seem to be durable and I really like knowing that it’s said to be shatterproof. This protein shaker bottle is made up of several pieces.


It has 2 compartments that can be used for powders and or pills. Which for me it’s fabulous! I also like that it has a big mouth piece, that way I don’t have to worry about my thick smoothies or shakes getting trapped. It’s also leak proof thanks to it’s tight seal which is great! I especially love it’s size!

You can get this great protein bottle shaker from Maximum Muscular on Amazon.

Product Description


Best Shaker Bottle Around For MEN and WOMEN

– Are you looking for a gym accessory that helps you keep sufficient supplies of workout supplements conveniently within reach?
– Do you want a fast way to enjoy a nicely blended nutritious shake and keep extra powders and pills without burdening yourself with holding multiple items during workouts?
– If so, the Shaker Bottle with Compartment is the perfect all-in-one storage solution for you!

Main Features

-Manufactured with Premium Plastic, the shaker bottle is BPA-free, phthalate-free and sturdy enough to resist cracking and shattering. Its construction features a reliable twist and lock system that prevents accidental leakages, no matter how vigorously you shake the bottle.
-The Shaker Bottle has a generous capacity of 20oz of liquids. In addition, it has a built-in storage compartment for keeping extra powders and pills, which you can reach to blend into your liquid whenever you need them. The storage compartments conveniently merge into one compact unit that’s easy to hold while you go about your exercises.
-The shaker Bottle is available in four colour variations, which will add style and brightness to the gym environment.

The Shaker Bottle with Compartment has many notable benefits, the most notable of which include:

-Huge storage capacity for liquids; no need for multiple breaks during workout sessions, just for a refill.
-No accidental leaks; once closed, you won’t worry about spills and messes from shaking the bottle.
-Ample storage for extra supplements; never run out of protein powders or vitamin pills with the inclusion of an extra storage compartment.

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