NutraWork Water Bottle Review #NutraWorkwaterbottle


NutraWork Sports Tritan Water Bottle with Straw & Flip it Top Spout.


The NutraWork Sports Tritan Water Bottle is a very good water bottle. It’s a great size and I really like that this water bottle brings a straw! The spout closes enough to keep it clean and avoid any spills. It’s color makes it easy to see and because it’s see through you can tell how much water you still have left in it. The only thing I would change about this  water bottle, is that the straw doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom so there is always about a couple ounces left in the bottle. But it’s nothing I can’t deal with. Other than that I’m really happy with it.


You can purchase the NutraWork Sports Tritan Water Bottle on Amazon.

Product Description

This NutraWork plastic slim curved water bottle BPA FREE is made of the finest tritan material, which makes it stainless and odorless. It is configured to be a portable drinking water bottle that will fit in most cup holders and has a convenient flip top drinking spout with straw. It’s wide mouth top makes cleaning and adding ice a breeze and with the loop cap design you can connect to your workout bag, backpack, golf bag virtually anything that has a clip. This is a great hydration water bottle for camping, sports and people on the go.

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