My Baby’s 4th Birthday!


I can’t believe my baby turned 4 already.

This was such a great weekend!!! On Friday morning we left MA and headed to CT to CoCo Key Water Resort. I know that there are 2 other locations that are closer to home but we decided to make a mini vacation out of our trip. Especially since on Saturday my little guy had his 4th birthday! When we arrived we were greeted very kindly and the room was great! Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of the room but honestly I totally forgot. We spent the entire day having fun and playing in the water park. 

On Saturday morning Mattie was woken up by a birthday phone call from the Paw Patrol! If you haven’t signed up for the Nick Jr Birthday Club you definitely should. We signed up because we have seen the commercials and thought it would be cool for him to get a phone call from his favorite group of pups. It was so cute to see his little face light up with surprise to hear Chase calling him and to get a birthday message from all of the pups! We spent the rest of the day at the water park again and then headed home in the late afternoon. 

After we got home Mattie was asking about a birthday cake. We only got him birthday cupcakes on our trip. He desperately wanted a birthday cake. So on Sunday afternoon we got him a birthday cake and had him blow out his candles. He had an absolutely amazing weekend. It will definitely be a birthday he will remember! 

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