DIY Cigar Bar At Your Wedding! #MacanudoandFamous


After Dinner Surprise…Cigar Bar!



Weddings are always considered to be mainly for the bride. Yes, it’s a celebration for both the bride & groom but it’s mainly us brides that get all the fun things. That’s why as I plan my wedding, I have decided to incorporate a little surprise for my groom. He is not a smoker per say, however he does like to indulge in the occasional cigar. Especially if it’s with his buddies. We recently had the opportunity to try Macanudo Cafe Petit Corona Cigars. We enjoyed them, one day after dinner. We found Macanudo Cafe Petit Corona Cigars to have a smooth mild flavor. We liked them so much that I decided to add a cigar bar at our wedding as a special surprise for the groom. We will be having a good mix of young and old gentlemen attending our wedding. So I look forward to this little display for our guests to enjoy! I love the idea of bringing an uber-cool vibe to my reception by creating a sophisticated and elegant manly-area. The idea of setting up a classic drinks and cigar station is fast gaining popularity at wedding receptions… and you can imagine why… they are super-cool.

It’s actually not as hard as you think. It’s important that you first contact your venue and discuss a suitable position, generally outdoors or on a patio area away from non-smokers is best.  When styling and setting up a cigar bar on your own, think about including things like cigar cutters, classy lighters or matches, ash trays that will hold a thick cigar… and then the drinks. I am planning to choose a selection of beverages that pair well with cigars. For example cognac, scotch, rum, brandy and even coffee make for great choices. I will also be adding a few small bowls of snacks to complete my bar setting. To add a real personalized touch, I am considering having customized cigar bands and match boxes. If it fits in your budget however, I think a fabulous lighter  would be great since it can double as a favor for your male guests. The best thing in my opinion about a cigar bar is that you really can make your bar as individual as your groom. Remember the fun thing is that you’ll leave all the guys feeling like they are at the coolest hang out in town.

If having a cigar bar is an idea you’d like at your wedding I highly recommend Macanudo Cafe Petit Corona Cigars. The cigars are handcrafted from the Dominican Republic with extra smoothness with triple-fermented tobaccos. Whereas, I do not necessarily advocate smoking, these cigars are very nice and top quality. The price is $5.49 a cigar and in my opinion worth every penny. The size is 5x 38 and the strength is mild. 


So try out this Macanudo Cafe Cigar and others from Famous Smoke Shop!


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  1. desitheblonde

    would you just give this to the father in law and the men in wedding it would get expensive if you have alot of guest


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