Organic Seaweed Mask Review #loveseaweed

Organic Seaweed Powder for Youthful Skin



I like that this product only has 1 ingredient: organic kelp powder! Unlike other seaweed products I’ve come across that have some ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. This mask is perfectly easy to mix. I took 1 teaspoon of the powder, 2 teaspoons of warm water and a couple drops of lavender essential oil and it gave me a wonderful result. The scent it has is an earthy one but it’s not overpowering. I really liked how easy it was to remove the mask once it had dried and was set. I didn’t have to scrub, I just used a warm wet washcloth and it came off easily.

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Product Description

The Ancient Secret to Silky Smooth Skin
For centuries Northern European and Asian cultures have used the rejuvenating power of seaweed to achieve soft and supple skin, reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body. The Magic of Seaweed
The first time you try our Seaweed Powder in a facial mask or body wrap you will be transported to the sea. Marvel at the feeling of calm that comes over you as the nutrient loaded seaweed satisfies and cleanses your malnourished skin. Experience an overall sense of well being as the unique mineral properties flush out the toxins leaving your skin smooth and youthful.

A Chemical-Free Solution to Healthy Skin
The skin-care business can be a frustrating industry to work in. Millions of dollars are spent creating and advertising miracle cures that only leave our skin in worse shape and are even harmful to our health.
Here at Azara Organics we have a simple rule for any product we create or use. If we don’t feel safe and comfortable ingesting it into our body then it does not belong on our skin.

The Finest Quality Seaweed Money Can Buy
Our Organic Seaweed Powder(Ascophyllum Nodosum) is wild harvested from the clean cold ocean water of the North Atlantic. We constantly test it to insure its quality and consistency. We are happy to share the lab results for those who are interested.

Try This Natural Marine Wonder
We truly believe in the amazing powers of Seaweed Powder and want you to experience this natural marine wonder.

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