Glow in the Dark Loom Band Set Review #neonloombands

3600 Piece Glow in the Dark Loom Band Set in 6 Colors.


My boys and I were super excited when we received these glow in the dark loom bands. They love to create things with these bands even more so when they glow! I really like that this kit comes with 3600 pieces that include 6 vibrant colors! Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange.

Another great thing is that each color brings a small pack of “S” clips. These bands are high quality and have great elasticity. My boys love the fact that they can get pulled while on the loom and not break. My boys think these are the best glow in the dark bands!

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Product Description

3600 Piece Glow in the Dark Loom Bands Kit – Rubber Band Bracelet Refill Packs with Over 150 Clips (6 Neon Rainbow Loom Bands Colors – Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange) – Compatible with All Looms – Individually Wrapped Packages Separated By Color

Bonus Gifts
-Free E-Book with over 50 designs of charms and bracelets. 
-100+ Videos library on how to make some of the more popular bracelet and charm designs. 

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