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Weight Gurus Smartphone Tracking Digital Body Fat Scale

This is an amazing tracking scale! I like that you can sync your weight, body fat and muscle mass automatically with iOS and Android devices. With the free app you can store weight entries, view trends, and chart your progress. Another plus is that you can enter your current weight manually on the app or scan your weight directly from the scale onto your phone. This is for me the perfect scale for when you’re doing a weight loss program. I love how big the display is and the accuracy is also great! Another thing I love is that this scale lets you manage your weight by how much you’ve lost instead of how much you weigh. Yup, you get to decide how to view your weight: either by the number or weightlessly by weight change. It’s a great feature for anyone who hates getting on the scale.

Product Description

  • HELLO! WE ARE THE WEIGHT GURUS: Thank you for taking a minute to learn more about our scale. Our goal is to help people master their health. That’s why we designed the Weightless Scale to make weight management more convenient with smartphone tracking and more encouraging with our Weightless technology. Read on to see if this is the right scale for you.A WEIGHT LOSS SCALE: The Weightless scale is the only scale specifically designed to encourage weight loss. The FREE Weight Gurus App tracks progress which encourages you to reach your goal. Our Weightless feature lets you manage your weight by how much you’ve lost instead of how much you weigh. With Weightless you decide how to view your weight – by the number (e.g. 173.4lbs) or weightlessly by weight change (e.g. -12lbs).

    SMARTPHONE TRACKING: If desired, sync weight by simply scanning your scale’s display with your iPhone’s or Android’s camera. Store entries, view trends and chart progress. (Smartphone not required for basic scale use).

    ALL THE FEATURES YOU’LL WANT: Auto Step-on (turns on automatically when weighing). Auto Off. Auto calibration. Auto user detect (important for multi-user homes – e.g. husband/wife). Supports up to 8 users. Non-slip, scratch resistant feet. 4 ultra-precision weighing sensors. 400lb capacity. BIA Analysis for Body Fat, Lean Mass, Water Weight and Bone Mass. +/- .1 lb resolution. Durable tempered glass construction. Large weighing platform (150 sq inches). Extra Large, Backlit LCD (4.3″). Kg / Lbs. 4 AAA batteries included.

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