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Fé Fit Women’s 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program!

I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Fé Fit Women’s 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program! When I first opened the package I couldn’t believe the how complete this set is. It brings 7 fitness genres: Cardio Circuit, Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Total Body Toning, Barre and Stretch Flow exercises. All 7 of these genres are fun and give you an amazing workout! This has been such a lifesaver for me, not just because it too cold to exercise outdoors. But also because I can’t afford to go to a gym, with this workout program I don’t have to! This is a 13 week/90 day workout program (created by Moms) that is supposed to help lose weight and tone up, perfect for on the go moms like me. You only have to workout 3 days a week and each workout is under 30 min a day. I totally have the time to do it! I actually enjoy it so much that I find myself using to work out more than the 3 days a week. I really like that all the DVD’s come in this booklet which helps you keep everything together.

This program that I received is the Basic Program which comes with 8 DVDs for $119.85. You get 28 half hour workouts, a schedule booklet and an informational booklet that you should read before starting the workouts.

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I was able to complete the workouts without a problem. I find them very easy for a beginner like myself. The instructor on the videos is very upbeat and motivating! I really like that I feel more energetic, relaxed and happier. I am very happy with the limited yet effective time it takes to complete this program.

Keep in mind though that any equipment needed for the exercises will have to be purchased separately. If you’re looking for a workout that brings the equipment Fé Fit offers two other packages that comes with equipment.

The first one is the Fé Fit 90 Day Deluxe Kit which comes with the 8 DVDs, Pilates toning circle, SPRI Xertubes in light, medium, and heavy resistance bands, and a customized Fé Fit Nutrition Plan for $199.99.

And the full Fé Fit 90 Day Ultimate Kit which comes with everything in the deluxe kit, plus Pink 6MM Yoga Mat, Dumbbells (set of 3lbs and 5lbs, and Outlaw Protein and Energy Fuel MegaControl protein bars for $329.99.

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