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Okay so this has been a crazy week, I didn’t get a chance to work out more than 3 days this whole week. Which I thought I would pay for on the weigh in but I’m glad to report that I’ve lost 1 pound this week. Sure, it might not seem that big of a number but I am very proud of it. I made it through the toughest week on my journey so far and although I didn’t work out as much as I wanted, I still lost weight! I gotta say it’s all thanks to the awesome food Nutrisystem provides, it really is doable.

Okay here are the stats this week.

Starting Numbers:

Weight: 232.8 lbs.

Bust: 43 1/2 inches

Waist: 48 inches

Hips: 53 1/2 inches

Thighs: 27 1/2 inches

Week 4 Results:

Weight: 217 lbs. (down 15.8 lbs from wk 1)

Bust: 43 1/2 inches (same as wk 1)

Waist: 45 inches (down 3 inches from wk 1)

Hips: 53 1/2 inches (same as week 1)

Thighs: 26 1/2 inches (down 1 inch from wk 1)

I am proud of what I have achieved this past week and in total! Stay tuned for next week’s update. Subscribe so you don’t miss a single post along my journey.

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