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The Notebook: That one movie that I watch over, over and over…

Is there a movie that you absolutely love? Maybe it’s the story, maybe it’s the actors, maybe it’s the memories that are triggered when you watch it. Whatever it may be many of us have that ONE movie that no matter how many times we have seen it, we must watch it over and over. For me it’s “The Notebook”.

I like this movie because in a world where everything is temporary, where everything changes. It shows that it takes great courage to love. Even when you know it might end anytime, you still have the faith that it will last forever. 

Many people don’t believe in “Love at first sight” it’s hard to because most of us are realists. We narrow it down to “Lust” at first sight because “Love” is such a strong word. However when we really stop to think why love is such a strong word, we realize that it’s because love is scary. For me…I do believe…I do believe in “Love at first sight”. Why do I believe? Because I’ve lived it. I didn’t take a look at this person for the first time and thought “wow he’s sexy, would love to get him in bed.” No that was not what I thought. When I looked at him the first thing I thought was ” Look at him…he’s someone I could be with….forever.” I now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, right. Well Let me tell you how it was that I saw him for the first time. 

It was a warm fall day. The leaves were changing colors and there was this magic that is always present in the fall. It was in the morning and I was in the school yard waiting for the school day to start. It was barely the first week of seventh grade (I know now you’re like WHAT!!!!, bare with me here) and I was hanging out with my 2 best friends in the whole world. When we heard barking from across the street. we looked up and saw the most adorable puppy running towards the school. When he reached the street the puppy didn’t stop, he ran right into the street and was hit by a passing car. The puppy was thrown into the school yard and I immediately ran to him. But this boy got there first. At first I didn’t really look at this boy, I was so worried about this little puppy. This boy picked up the puppy and cradled him as he looked the puppy over to see if he was ok. As I stood there looking at the puppy I looked up and looked at the boy holding the puppy. At that exact moment he raised his eyes and looked at me too. When our eyes met I knew I could and would love him forever. So if you ask me…YES I believe in “Love at first sight”. 

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I appreciate a good romantic movie. But for me this movie is so much more. It’s a movie that shows that true love can in fact not only conquer all…it can also last forever. True love can last through time even if both people are miles and miles away from one another. I may be a hopeless romantic but I always believed that as long as two souls are connected to each other, the fire of their love can burn forever. I have always believed that only souls can resist death, the physical connection is not important. 

There are only few very lucky people who get to marry the love of their lives. Unfortunately I am not one of those lucky few. Don’t get me wrong I am happily married and I care for him oh so much. But my first love is a love that I will never forget, it is a love that lives and has lived in my heart since that very first moment when I looked into his eyes. We shared many special and magical moments since that very first time. We dated for a couple years then as life happens to do we had to part ways, not because we wanted to but because we were kids and had to go with the flow of things. Many years thanks to fate we bumped into each other again. This time I was 20 and in a relationship so even though we met for coffee and even though we both confided in each other that the we still felt the same way as we had many years before. We were unable to get back together. It was amazing how not a single day had passed that I hadn’t thought about him and to know that he felt the same. However we said our goodbye’s and went on our way. 12 years after that we bumped into each other yet again. Even now 4 years after the last time we saw each other, as we meet for coffee one more time because we happen to cross paths on the street…the feelings were are still there.

So yes that is why this movie is a movie that I watch over, over and over again. And I know that I will always find a time to watch this movie. 

How about you? Is there a movie you watch over and over? If there is…why?

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  1. Emily, Our house now a home

    This movie is one of my favorites. Such a sweet love story, and so intense! I catch it on TV a lot and always have to watch it, no matter how many times I have seen it. I also really like Easy A, Juno, or The Hangover, anything that can make me laugh and these movies always make me laugh.


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