Life is filled with happy moments and tough ones. Life is full of challenges. Financial difficulties, illnesses, and family problems are just a few of the things that torment people every day. Some people draw strength and inspiration from others.  Some fill themselves with the happy moments that they have lived. We use these to push us through the tough times.

It’s during those tough times that we need to find out what is it that inspires us. What is it that gives us the strength we need to continue? When we are tired. When we are stressed. When we are overworked. What is it that fills us with the strength we need. Inspiration can come in many forms. And it’s not the same for everyone. Whatever it is that inspires us is as unique as we are. It’s that thing that inspires us that gives our life meaning. That thing that inspires us is what helps us know that what we do matters. It’s when you have the feeling that your actions are meaningful, that you will become filled with the strength to fulfill your life’s purpose.

My inspiration are my boys. 

What’s your inspiration?


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