Heroes of the City Baby App Review



Presenting the Heroes of the City Baby App.

Back in late March I was asked to review the Heroes of the City Movie App and we absolutely loved it read it here. Which is why I was thrilled to have been contacted by them again, this time to review their New Baby App!

Matias was excited when I told him I had downloaded a New Heroes of the City app on my phone, he asked to try it right away. We both loved the colors right from the starting screen and through out the app. 


This is what the menu looks like. As you can see there are four short episodes and four different games. Let me tell you about the games first.


The first game is a music game that has a keyboard on the “dash of the car”.  It’s very entertaining the horn works, and so do the turn signals and the wipers. It also has three rhythms you can add as you play on the keyboard.


The next game is a shape matching game. Matias absolutely loves when he’s matched all the shapes the app claps.


In the next game you can draw anything you want. Matias likes that every line is a new color. The masterpiece above is one of the many Matias has drawn. 🙂 I’m such a proud mama.


In the next game you get these floating balloons with characters from Heroes of the City and when you pop a balloon you get a star. Be careful not to drop the characters that are using the balloons to float though.


The episodes are fun and colorful. Matias loves watching them. The Heroes of the Baby App is definitely a winner for our family!

Are you ready to get the Heroes of the City Baby App for your iPhone or Android? Well you’re in luck because the app is totally FREE, without advertising and has no in-app purchase. Everything in this app is especially designed for the youngest children 0-2+ years.



Here’s one of the episodes. You can see all of the episodes that are on the app on the Heroes of the City Youtube Channel.

Be sure to connect with Heroes of the City on their websiteFacebookYoutube, Twitter, and Instagram !

Will you be downloading this great app? If so let me know how much your little one liked it.


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