Reading Eggs Review


I can honestly say that this review is about one of  the best reading resources I’ve ever come across, and I have tried a few with Diego so there’s some serious weight behind that statement.  I am also 100% serious when I say that I believe that learning to read is the most important academic skill a child can learn.  So if you’re interested in teaching your child to read or enhancing their existing reading skills then this is the program you need.

Diego and I have been doing a trial version of Reading Eggs; an online program which teaches children to read at their own rate with a series of lessons full of games, puzzles, stories and songs.  He’s been reading for a couple years but is still a little behind on his reading level.   Because of this, I thought that Reading Eggs would be appropriate for him.  It’s suitable for children aged 3-7 (with Reading Eggspress available for 7-13 year olds), and your child completes a small test at the beginning to judge their level so they start in the right place.


For children like Matias who are not yet ready for phonics, there is the Play Room area, which contains lots of fun games and activities to help with mouse control and observation, which is perfect for pre-school children and a lot of fun. He enjoys this so much, I don’t even thinkhe’s aware he’s learning so much.

Matias is only 2, but he finds the lessons really fun and he understands it so well.  He sits on my lap, so I’m always their if he doesn’t understand something.  The lessons are presented by animated colorful characters, so he doesn’t get bored.  He absolutely loves it.

So I’ve told you it’s fun, but does it work?  Well, that’s a big fat yes. Both Diego and Matias have made a lot of progress already and Diego is now really confident in his reading. I’m really impressed with both of their accomplishments. Matias has even started talking more. I know that for both their improvement is definitely because of Reading Eggs.

There’s still time for you to get a two week trial of Reading Eggs, just click here.



  1. Sally

    Thanks so much for this review. My daughter is 2 1/2 and I’m just starting to think about teaching her to read. I’m completely new to this and am exploring all kinds of online and offline resources. I’ll be checking out Reading Eggs!

    1. Silvie

      I’m glad the review was useful to you. Definitely check them out. I believe you can still get the free two week trial. They also have great phone apps! Sometimes they even offer them for free download. I’m really impressed with the progress my little guy has achieved! Best of luck.


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