Tide Pods and All Mighty Pacs.


Today I got the chance to compare Tide Pods and All Mighty Pacs. 

First I tested the mighty Pacs by washing a pair of pillows. (The outer lining is 100% cotton) They were a little grungy and had turned almost a beige color.


After washing them with All Mighty Pacs they came out clean, smelling fresh and even a little fluffier.  I for the color they did Hey whiter but not add white as they used to be.  However it was definitely an improvement from how they looked when dirty. I can say that I liked the mighty pacs and their result.  Take a look at the before and after pics.


Then it was time to test the Tide Pods.  I didn’t have anymore dirty pillows so I had to go with my son’s t-shirt from soccer practice. Needless to say it was grungy and had a lot of dirt on it.


After washing it came out clean, smelling fresh and as white as when I bought it.  I liked the Tide Pods and the end result. Take a look at the before and after pictures.


At the end of the comparison I found that the All Mighty Pacs are great for the price you can find them at.  The pillows came out clean, smelling fresh, and whiter.
The Tide Pods also did a great job on the t-shirt.  It came out clean, smelling fresh, soft, and really bright.

In my home Tide beat All because of the brightness and softness that it gave the t-shirt. I would use All Mighty Pacs if I really needed to purchase detergent and the store didn’t have Tide Pods.  And if being frugal is what you’re all about then I would recommend All Mighty Pacs.  Tide Pods are more expensive but in my opinion they are worth it since they give the best result.

Disclaimer: NO monetary compensation was received for this comparison. I did not receive a free product for review. This product was purchase by My Silly Little Gang for the sole purpose of finding the right product for my home.

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