Have you ever hand one of those days?  You know the ones where nothing you do comes out right. One of those days that starts of all wrong since the moment you get out of bed.  Those days when you feel sad, but don’t know why.  Those days when even though there’s nothing in your way you still manage to trip.  The bad picture day, the bad hair day, the day you spill everything.

It’s incredible the amount of things that can happen, that will cause you to say “Today is a bad day. “. Those things that one way or another in an unexpected moment come across our path.  Those things that can cause us to feel pain, humiliation, sadness and yes maybe even fear. Like I said there are a lot of bad things that can be said about one day. 

Yet is so easy to say… Maybe I was humiliated today.  Maybe I did make a fool of myself today.  Yes, I did trip a lot today, and spilled everything left and right. Maybe I did have a bad picture day, a bad hair day.  Yes maybe today I did fall down the stairs.

Yes maybe even with all those bad things that can happen today.  Even if I can say that it was a bad day, and yet even though everything went wrong. I can also day that today was a GRAND day.

Are you asking yourself why, it can be a grand day?  Well simply because… it’s OVER!  And tomorrow will be a brand new day. A day with a clean slate and a chance for everything to be perfect.

So… How war your day?

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