Oh how I’ve missed this…

I haven’t been able to write my blog as regularly as I like to recently, mainly because for the last week I’ve had terrible pain in my left hand. Last week while trying to put the baby down for his nap.  (Yes he does nap in my bed) I was cuddling with him when my oldest decided it would be fun to jump on the bed.  When I asked him to please stop,  (No yelling involved) he landed on his knees and right on my left hand turning my wrist and fingers in a direction I couldn’t even know they could go.  Since I could still bend my wrist and fingers I thought it was just sprained.  I have been taking it easy but the pain just kept getting worse.  On Friday I finally gave in and went to the emergency room.  This is what I got…


Yup you guessed it… it’s fractured.  In 5 different places to be exact.  🙁

Then on Saturday when I was feeling a little better I tried to log in to my blog, but since I upgraded my cell phone I had to download all the apps again, the Google authenticator code was not working so I was locked out.  Thanks to the WordPress support team I’m back to blogging. 

As far as The Orange Rhino Challenge.  Yesterday was day 5! Even though it’s been hard… it’s been rewarding at the end of the day.  I’m happy to report that not only am I happier, the boys are happier too.  Thank you so much Orange Rhino for this wonderful challenge!

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