I love the Food Network…

Emeril Live, Food Network Challenge, $40 a Day, Everyday Italian, Iron Chef America, Unwrapped, The Secret Life Of, Restaurant Makeover, And Oh, so many more! What other channel can offer so many fine TV shows?

It’s unbelievable! It’s genious! I’ve always wondered what was so alluring about The Food Network. Alot of people I know would spend hours watching it. I never understood it. I started watching the Food Network while watching TV before bed in my bedroom, years ago I didn’t have TIVO so I would find myself flipping stations during commercials while watching Friends or Will and Grace. I always landed on the Food Network and I would find myself never turning back. I’m hooked, Completely and totally hooked. I love the chefs, I love the recipes, The pots and pans, The plates, and the cookbooks. I also love the way the crowd cheers when Emeril adds garlic and essence, and When Emeril adds powdered sugar yelling “bam, bam, bam, BAM BAM!!” I’m so excited as I type this! (not kidding.) They even have shows filled with suspense, like Iron Chef America and the Food Network Challenge. Are they going to drop the candy sculpture that is 6 feet high, they have to carry it so far! One of the most recent challenges I saw was the Wedding Cake challenge. People literally traveled for hours and hours with the wedding cake in their cars and the judges noticed every flaw, so there was no room for error. I can hardly take the suspense!

Now, I mentioned pots and pans, why do I find myself wanting Emeril’s red casserole with lid or the blue saute pan with lid on my stove? I want it sooo bad! Luckily, I looked online and they don’t sell them, but they sell everything else!

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I’m going to really miss watching zzz Paula Deen’s shows. I like that she isn’t afraid to cook with butter and oil! Nice and fattening. I’ve learned from the Food Network that Comfort Foods means incredibly fattening, Works for me!

What is super cool about this channel is you can go to http://www.foodnetwork.com and see what is playing at that moment with the recipes on-line ready for you to print or to put in your virtual recipe box. I have watched hours of this channel when I’ve been sick! It’s perfect TV. Whoever came up with the Food Network is BRILLIANT! Thank you, Thank you! In the words of Emeril, I only have to say “oh, yeah, babe.”


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