What my boys have taught me…

I remember looking at my oldest cute little face and wondering if I could teach him all the things he would need to know about life, about love and how to navigate this big, scary world. What I didn’t know is how much my boys would teach me…

I have learned that boys can eat huge amounts of food and be hungry 2 hours later.

I have learned that whining is an art form in which kids desire to excel, therefore practice relentlessly.

I have also learned that even though my response to the whining never changes, there is some odd internal motivation that prompts them to try, try again.

They have taught me that “clean” is a relative term when it comes to clothes, floors, countertops and well – pretty much everything.

I never knew that walls make SUCH fine places to deposit one’s boogers.

I learned that “sleeping through the night” is a great milestone for babies but a fantasy for mothers.

I have also learned that a 15-minute power nap can work wonders.

My boys have taught me to be a master at multi-tasking.

I have learned to let go of the fantasies of a perfect home and crafts that take hours to complete.

I have learned that it’s cheaper to buy the annual family pass than it is to buy individual admission tickets to the zoo or the water park.

I have learned relentless determination because I became a mother. (Some might call that stubbornness – that works too.)

I have learned what the phrase “Mama Bear” means, and I promise you do NOT want to be messing with one of my cubs.

I have learned the meaning of grief and sorrow when a much wanted pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

I have also learned that no matter how deep and dark and soul-crushing the sorrow, abetter, brighter day always comes.

I have learned to have flexible, realistic expectations.

I have learned that the cliché is true: No two children are the same.

I have learned and am constantly re-learning how to let go of things that do not matter and focus ever more clearly on the ones that do.

I have learned for myself that love does not divide when shared among many – itmultiplies.

My boys have taught me and will undoubtedly continue to teach me that motherhood is the hardest work you’ll ever love.

No matter how hard the road or how tough the lesson I have learned, I would never trade what being a Mom has taught me!

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