The Shape of Time (Rymworld Arcana Book One)

The Shape of Time Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

Our favorite author of books for young readers is back at it with The Shape of Time (Rymworld Arcana Book One)! We were lucky to have received and read this book and are thrilled to share about it with you.

The Shape of Time Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

The Shape of Time (Rymworld Arcana Book One)

If you follow my blog then you may know that we loved Ryan Calejo’s Charlie Hernandez trilogy. We were very excited to hear that Ryan had written another book! The Shape of Time (Rymworld Arcana Book One) is a tale of time travel, adventure, and lots of exciting twists. We simply could not put it down! It’s a great read that kept us on the edge of our seats wanting to know what would happen next.

The Shape of Time is a story that is geared for ages 8 – 12. Which makes it perfect for my youngest. But since all three of my boys are fans of Ryan’s books they had to do Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would read it first. My youngest won and got to read it first!!

After all of us had read the book I asked the boys what they thought of it and all three loved it. I of course already had an idea they did since they couldn’t put it down. They are all already asking when the next book will come out. I also found this book to be a great read. Definitely for the audience it’s geared for but it definitely kept me turning the pages to see what would come next. This is definitely a book that we recommend.

The Shape of Time Book Review #MySillyLittleGang

About the Book

First in the middle-grade mind-bending Rymworld Arcana adventure series from award-winning author Ryan Calejo, The Shape of Time is destined to be an instant classic.

Fourteen-year-old Antares De La Vega is a natural-born adventurer. He dreams of journeying across burning deserts, trekking through wild and uncharted jungles, sailing the farthest reaches of the seas—and yet, he’s never even stepped foot outside of South Florida. But that all changes when strange creatures come leaping out of lightning bolts to kidnap him.

Locked away in a secret prison in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, Antares meets fourteen-year-old Magdavellía, a mysterious and iron-willed girl who opens his eyes to a shocking truth: that this world is a far different place than he’s been led to believe. He learns of the existence of the Flat Earth Society, an ancient secret order, whose main function is to keep the world beyond the great Ice Wall a mystery—a land known as Rymworld. But Rymworld is in trouble. Led by a nameless evil, a sinister group of mystics seeks to seize control over its only true resource: time itself.

Antares and Magdavellía must set out beyond the edges of any map to discover the undiscoverable: a lost and forgotten island where there is rumored to exist a legendary artifact—a mythical compass that just might hold the key to foiling the mystics’ plans. Following a series of intricately concealed clues left behind by Magdavellía’s parents (clues Antares seems to be the key to unlocking), they must wield both geometry and alchemy, outsmart molemen and mermaids, and outrun fiendish outer space aliens––all while attempting to solve a riddle as old and mystifying as the sun.

About the Author

Ryan Calejo is an award-winning author born and raised in South Florida. He graduated from the University of Miami with a BA. He’s been invited to join both the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Golden Key International Honour Society. His critically acclaimed Charlie Hernández series has been featured in half a dozen state reading lists and is a two-time gold medal winner of the Florida Book Awards.

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