Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

Hats are definite essentials when it comes to our back-to-school shopping. This year we were introduced to Melin hats. Keep reading to see why we think Melin hats are perfect for back-to-school.

Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

My boys (the hubby included) are big fans of caps. Not a day goes by that they don’t wear one. So when we were introduced to Melin hats we couldn’t wait to try them. Everything that we learned about Melin hats is excellent.

In this post, I will be featuring a few of their hats and let you know what we thought of the A-Game Hydro.

With Melin, a hat isn’t just an accessory, it’s a critical part of the wardrobe and kids think so too! That’s why Melin hats are designed for a busy day — whether that’s at school or running errands. Wear Melin to sports practice and out to dinner with the whole family, thanks to its lightweight, quick-drying, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking features.

Melin offers several collections so anyone can find their style. These hats are also water-friendly, floatable, durable, and versatile! Extra bonus: Melin hats are easy to clean and some styles are machine washable.

Let’s jump on in, and show you a few of our favorites.

A-Game Hydro1

 A-Game Hydro

A-Game Hydro was engineered with a hydrophobic technology on the crown panels designed to bead away water and prevent absorption. Constructed with durable materials the hats are water repellant, floatable, and breathable. This is your daily driver, old faithful with an athletic touch. It’s Melin’s top-selling shape and features a slightly more narrow curved visor for a modern, progressive look. A-Game Hydro is packed with premium performance and comfort features in a clean, minimalistic shape.

We received the A-Game Hydro in the color Heather Ocean. Honestly, the picture doesn’t do the color justice. It’s an amazingly beautiful color. I know my boys would love to hear me say that, but it’s true. If you ask them they just say the color is cool. My three boys and the hubby each wore this hat for a full day to see what they thought. Right off the bat, I can tell you that the quality goes above and beyond our expectations. The material feels nice to the touch and on the head, the fit is also great. Because it’s a snapback hat they could all fit the hat perfectly. At the end of each of their days, they wanted to claim the hat as their own and not share. The A-Game Hydro has a vintage shape which I think goes with any face shape. I got to try it out too and absolutely loved it! As you can imagine I will be getting each of them their own and keeping this one for myself. It comes in so many different colors that everyone can find one perfect for them.

Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

Odyssey Brick Hydro

Odyssey Brick Hydro features a custom molded Melin rubberized patch. This style is designed to withstand any adventure and maintain Odyssey Brick Hydro’s water-resistant capability. Engineered with a durable, water-resistant exterior, moisture-wicking lining, and a buoyant visor core, Odyssey Brick Hydro is made for the long run.

Trenches Icon Hydro

Trenches Icon Hydro

Melin’s most popular flat visor, deeper fitting shape, Trenches Icon Hydro is designed to stand up to your hardest workouts and wildest adventure. This is a complementary shape for larger heads, wider faces, and people who generally enjoy a flat visor or modified flat visor. The horizontal front seam makes for a very comfortable hat and naturally follows the shape of the human head.

Melin Hats Perfect For Back-To-School

Pace Hydro

Introducing Pace, Melin’s first hat specifically designed for running. Born from the designer’s passion and a daily practice for the sport, the Pace is an innovative style that’s made to be the new go-to for endurance athletes and runners. The Pace is machine washable for all those athletes that get after it.


About Melin

Melin is a spin on the word “milliner”, which is a term for a custom hat maker that originally dates back to the 16th century in Milan, Italy. The logo is the capital letter “M”, built on a strong foundation and connected by three pillars that represent “materials, details, and innovation.”

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