Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget

Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget #MySillyLittleGang

Have you heard of Lovebox? Lovebox is a gadget that nudges you to send a bit of love to those who matter most to you. Keep reading to find out more about it and why I think it’s the perfect back-to-school gadget.

Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget #MySillyLittleGang

Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget

It’s important we find ways to stay in touch with our kids when they return to school. Good thing Lovebox is the perfect gift for staying connected! The messaging device is an excellent way for your child to let you know they got off the bus or are home. It also can work the other way where you could send them an encouraging or thoughtful message like “Good job today! Treats in the fridge.”

Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget #MySillyLittleGang

While you can argue we can text our loved ones daily, a text can only do so much and isn’t as much fun or meaningful! Lovebox connects to Wi-Fi to receive short messages, videos, photos, or drawings through the free iOS and Android app. The spinner attached to the front of the box spins like a pinwheel when the box receives the message and continues until the lid is lifted to reveal the loving note on display. Each Lovebox comes with a red heart spinner, but there’s a range of colorful heart spinners and incredible bundles, that can match a personality or mood. You can see them on the Lovebox website.

Here’s a video of how Lovebox works.

About Lovebox

The Lovebox is a connected, messaging device that pairs with an app to go beyond regular communication and deliver special expressions of affection. The Lovebox can bring you closer to your family members, your significant other, or a friend, even when miles apart. With the Photo version, you can send photos and colored messages, stickers, and drawings!

Lovebox The Perfect Back-to-School Gadget #MySillyLittleGang

The Lovebox is more than a connected device: it makes life happier!

The Lovebox will nudge you into sending love to those who matter the most to you. Nobody expects to receive love notes by text every morning, but everyone loves receiving sweet notes on their Lovebox when they wake up!

The Lovebox will make you and your loved ones happier according to Science. Good relationships is the number one factor in well-being and happiness according to a 75-year-long Harvard study.

According to research, for every 1 negative feeling or interaction in a relationship, there must be 5 positive feelings or interactions to keep it healthy. The Lovebox is dedicated to positive messaging and can help the magic happen!

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