*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

Do you love candles? I have them everywhere in my home, I especially love having them in my bedroom. I am excited to share that on August 22nd a new sleep-inspired candle collection will be available from Majenye! Keep reading to find out more.

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection

Majenye Unveils Its New Candle Collection Designed for a Blissful Night’s Sleep.

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

The wellness brand has captured the aromas of invigorating, natural scents for a line of soothing bedtime candles.

Majenye, a plant-based beauty brand offering hand-crafted products infused with crystals and grounded in high vibrations for whole-body wellness, has just announced the launch of its new candle collection set to be released on August 21. The latest lineup includes 3 new wellness-inspired fragrances meant to induce calmness, relieve stress, and elevate any room or space – creating the perfect ambiance for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Known for its line of clean, custom-blended products that deliver a restorative wellness experience, Majenye’s three newest additions bring relaxation to a whole new level. Not only does the entire single-wick candle collection transform the inside of your home, but it also emits a calming essence and fragrance throw that adds a unique ambiance that is perfect for winding down.

Experience the transportive and refreshing scents that will help support sleep and promote tranquility:

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

Midnight Kiss: Sweet, crisp apple intermingles with soft, blooming florals. Reminiscent of a picnic among
the blooming apple blossoms on the first day of spring.
○ Fragrance Notes: Apple, sandalwood, lemon

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

Morning Bliss: A sensory oasis of lush palm leaves and sea salt ocean spray perfectly contradicted with
notes of a juicy, tangy freshly-spun fruit sorbet.
○ Fragrance Notes: Palm leaves, bergamot, pink jasmine

*NEW* Sleep-Inspired Candle Collection #MySillyLittleGang

Lucid Dreams: Bright and clean, bergamot, citrus, and lavender balance beautifully with warm, sultry,
sandalwood and cedarwood, and amber.
○ Fragrance Notes: Amber, rose, cedarwood

Each candle is housed in a 100% recyclable glass vessel with a crackling cotton wick and made with Coco Apricot Crème wax for a clean and slow burn with a stronger scent throw and a 50+ hour burn time. This elegant set of hand-poured candles is also made with essential oils making it a perfect addition to a nighttime routine. Scented aromatherapy candles seamlessly alleviate the stresses of the day, promoting relaxation and enhancing well-being for a better night’s sleep beyond the last burn!

*This product is free from animal byproducts, animal cruelty, parabens, dyes, and chemicals and is PETA certified.

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For more information or to purchase the new collection and other candle fragrances, please visit the Menjaye website. Follow Majenye on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and future product announcements.

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