Tips for College Moves

Tips for College Moves #MySillyLittleGang

So many students are headed to college, and for parents that may mean moving their kids into a new apartment or dorm. I found this article on tips for college moves from JK Moving Services useful. So of course I wanted to share it with you. See below for tips for parents and young people preparing to go to college.

Tips for College Moves

Tips for College Moves: Top Tips for Making Them Successful

College Moves: JK Moving Releases Top Tips for Making Them Successful

Twenty million students are heading back to college this fall which means a lot of families are getting ready to move their students into dorms or other college housing. JK Moving Services, the nation’s largest independently owned moving and storage company, has developed a list of tips to help make the move easier for college-bound kids and their families.

“We’ve helped hundreds of thousands move over the past 40 years, including college-bound kids, and we’ve helped universities prepare for move-in days.  Based on our experiences, we wanted to share great ways to make college moves less stressful as your student heads to school,” explained David Cox, president, of JK Moving.


Here are JK Moving’s top tips for college moves for on- and off-campus housing:

1. Get an Early Start: College students should connect with their future roommates ahead of time (many incoming college students use Instagram or Facebook to get in touch before move-in day) to see what shared items – television, mini-fridge, shelves, etc. – they will be bringing, as well as when they will be moving in.

2. Coordinate Move-In: Dormitory rooms or college apartments are often small, so it is a good idea to move in before or after the roommate. Dorm buildings may not have air conditioning, so plan to move in the morning to avoid working in the mid-day heat. Parking spaces and elevators may be in short supply so plan accordingly.

Tips for College Moves

3. Sort it Out: Pack as light as possible. It helps to sort items into essentials and non-essentials. Leaving the non-essentials at home is key to eliminating clutter in the new space. Winter clothes can be brought back over the holidays and other non-essentials can be shipped or retrieved later as needed.

4. Check with the College: A University’s goal is to have all the students moved into their dorms on time, with their bags unpacked and acclimating to college life as quickly as possible. They often will have protocols and move-in instructions, including designated drop-off areas and assigned move-in times so check in with the school, landlord, or housing complex before showing up.

5. Safety First: When unpacking, make sure items such as candles, aerosol sprays, and certain electronics are unloaded first as these items can melt, explode, or suffer damage from the extreme heat of being locked in a car. Know ahead of time what is acceptable to bring into a dorm or even off-campus housing as some schools and landlords ban certain items, such as microwaves or candles.

Tips for College Moves

6. Communicate: It is typical for college-bound teens to stock up on various supplies before moving into their new dorm. Knowing which roommate can bring typical shared items makes it much easier to compile a shopping list. Wait to buy supplies until settling into the dorm room or apartment to determine which items are actually needed.

7. Use Resources: Many parent Facebook groups exist for each school and can be a great source of information and tips. Also, consult resources like these to help plan:

Bed Bath & Beyond campus checklist

About. com: Packing for college – what to pack for college

Fastweb: Pack it up – What to bring to college

8. Going Pro: If moving from a long-distance or from a dorm to off-campus housing, a professional mover may make sense to assist with moving and storage needs. Check the local chamber or school for a list of movers that can help.


About JK Moving Services

For 40 years, JK Moving Services – the largest independently owned and operated moving company in North America – has provided local, long-distance, and global relocation services to a variety of commercial, residential, and government clients. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, and voted Independent Mover of the Year by the American Trucking Association, the company maintains a full-time, professionally trained staff of relocation and move management experts committed to providing the highest level of customer care.

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  1. Lauryn R

    This is great advice, thank you so much for sharing! It definitely helps to get an early start and plan. It reminds me a lot of moving, which I had done a lot in my life!

  2. Leanne

    I do not miss the hassle of moving in and out of dorm rooms!


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