An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness by David Andrew

An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness #MySillyLittleGang

I enjoy reading self-help books. Most of them I share here with you. In this post, I am sharing a wonderfully written book. In the newly released book, “An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness: Establishing the Critical Elements of Happiness for a Fabulous Life,” author David Andrew shares the critical elements to achieving an amazing life and happiness. Keep reading to find out more about it.

An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness #MySillyLittleGang

An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness by David Andrew

If you’re looking for a book that can have a positive impact, forever, on your love, life choices, and friendships this is a great book to read. As I mentioned above this is a well-written book, one that is easy to follow and enjoy. This is definitely a book that everyone would benefit from reading and one that can hopefully help you on a path of happiness.

An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness #MySillyLittleGang

David Andrew is an incredibly fortunate, optimistic man who wishes to convey to his audience with clarity, using real-world examples and specific tools, how to look forward and feel the excitement in their lives. He also hopes to teach his audience to look back in time and see things differently. In short, he wants us all to attain the often elusive happiness we all seek.

With the goal of helping others to see things differently and in positive and helpful ways, he shares insight into what he has identified as the CRITICAL ELEMENTS to leading a fabulous life. While offering an in-depth, objective analysis of each of the elements, he provides a simple roadmap that encourages others to evaluate their behaviors, prepare for and overcome the inevitable failures that accompany living a full life, develop healthy relationships, avoid negativity, make good choices, and ultimately create amazing days that lead to overall fulfillment and happiness.

In this comprehensive guide, as an entrepreneurial engineer, he shares an analysis of each of the CRITICAL ELEMENTS of happiness that have the power to positively impact our direction and attitude in life.

An Engineer’s Guide to Happiness is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Archway Publishing

About the Author

David Andrew

David Andrew is a passionate speaker and an expert in building luxury homes and real estate. He earned his degree in engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, Iowa City, Iowa. Andrew is a private pilot, advanced open water scuba diver, and a slalom water skier. Additionally, he holds her family record for most consecutive roller coaster rides. Andrew currently resides in Merritt Island, Fla. For more information, please visit

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  1. Leanne

    This sounds interesting! I don’t usually enjoy non-fiction books.

  2. Lauryn R

    I enjoy reading self-help books every now and then too! This sounds like a good book. Thank you so much for your review.


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