Box Lunch Lifestyle by Cheryl K. Johnson

Box Lunch Lifestyle by Cheryl K. Johnson

If you’re looking to take back your time and life Box Lunch Lifestyle is definitely a book you should read. I am 3 weeks into taking back my life! Keep reading to find out more about this book.

Box Lunch Lifestyle by Cheryl K. Johnson

Box Lunch Lifestyle by Cheryl K. Johnson

For as long as I can remember my lunches have felt rushed. That’s when I even had time for lunch, mostly I ate at my desk while continuing to work. This book has made a big change in my life! It has direct, and easy-to-follow lessons. But the best part is that what you learn actually works.

Box Lunch Lifestyle

Using Your Lunch Break to Win Back the Life You Deserve

#1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel H. Pink says, “Cheryl K. Johnson has found the solution to what ails us—and it’s right before our eyes: lunch. And not just any lunch—an intentional and meaningful pause in the middle of the day to fortify our body and soul. In her captivating book, she shows why a simple midday lunch break can be the catalyst for a life of satisfaction and purpose. So, slow down. Stop multitasking. And savor this remarkable work.”

Box Lunch Lifestyle by Cheryl K. Johnson

Box Lunch Lifestyle is a method—and mindset—aligned with the work of habit experts like B.J. Fogg, James Clear, and Gretchen Rubin. The typical 30-minute midday break becomes:

• 15 minutes to eat better food (that you prepared yourself), and

• 15 minutes to pursue a “Second-Place Dream.”

The virtuous cycle created by this practice fuels itself. You don’t need a gym membership, a new job, or to throw out everything in your pantry to stop missing out on the life you deserve. You just have to decide to be your own champion.

Box Lunch Lifestyle is available on Amazon and your favorite bookseller.

Cheryl K. Johnson

About the Author

After twenty successful years as a research director, Cheryl’s boxing training gave her the courage to leave corporate life and create Box Lunch Lifestyle. Now, with a playful, no-excuses attitude, she challenges people to say “no” to fast food and diet culture, set fair work boundaries, and see lunch as a surprising catalyst for a richer, more satisfying life.

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