Unapologetically Enough by Carrie Severson

Unapologetically Enough by Carrie Severson

Have you ever questioned being enough? I know I sure have. I have fought with the question of being enough as a mom, a sister, and a friend. You get the idea. This book really hit home, it’s well written and inspiring. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Unapologetically Enough by Carrie Severson

Unapologetically Enough: Reshaping Success & Self-Love

What does it mean to be “enough”? 

For years, entrepreneur and writer Carrie Severson struggled with her own “enoughness.” 

Like so many women, she constantly questioned if she was thin enough, wealthy enough, young enough, or fertile enough. But instead of finding answers, she ended up battling professional and personal burnout, self-love, and her status as a middle-aged woman without her own children. And it forced her to make a change. 

Shining the light of love on both the good and the bad of that process, Severson shares her soul quest and how she learned to navigate her own enoughness. With honesty, tenderness, and vulnerability, she taps into a powerful shared reality, illuminating the experiences so many women go through as they, too, struggle to define success and self-love. 

Unapologetically Enough by Carrie Severson

Unapologetically Enough is a raw, relatable story of what happens when one woman stops questioning everything about herself and her life and starts questioning what her life could be like if she accepted herself as enough. 

Complete with exercises to help readers redefine their own thoughts about success and self-love, this memoir was written to inspire and support women on their own journeys of self-discovery. 

It’s time to stop questioning your enoughness and start realizing what you can accomplish when you take hold of the reins of your own life!

Unapologetically Enough: Reshaping Success & Self-Love is available on Amazon.

Carrie Severson

About the Author

Carrie Severson is an author and the Chief Executive Officer of the Unapologetic Voice House, a hybrid book publishing business. She has been in the storytelling industry for nearly twenty-five years. She started the Unapologetic Voice House in 2019 after spending years pitching literary agents in the hopes of being published traditionally. All her rejection letters from literary agents came down to the same thing. They all loved the work. They all compared the work to well-known authors. But because she didn’t have a big enough platform, agents always passed on her. Carrie used that pivot in life and launched a company that could help women just like her―unapologetic in their stories without a massive following. She’s married to her best friend and on her next soul quest to become the next version of herself. She can be reached at UnapologeticallyEnough.com or TheUnapologeticVoiceHouse.com.

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