Match Madness – Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

Match Madness - Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

My boys love playing games, and I love when those games also stimulate their brains. Match Madness, is exactly that. It’s a super fun pattern-matching puzzle game. Keep reading to find out more about this game.

Match Madness - Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

Match Madness – Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

Children’s brains are growing at a rapid rate, and it is important to aid them in expanding their skills. However, not all kids have the same needs when it comes to learning. Some are visual learners, auditory, tactile, etc. One thing kids do have in common – is their love for games and toys, and brain games are a great way to help kids in their development.

Foxmind is here to help with Match Madness. This game is fast-paced and action-packed. Players race to solve the puzzle on the card by flipping, rotating, and combining identical sets of 5 patterned blocks. Sharp eyes, fast hands, and quick minds prevail in this fun-filled pattern-matching frenzy!

Match Madness - Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

This game offers

Pattern Recognition And Dexterity: Develop rapid problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. Match Madness encourages players to think critically, experiment, and develop new strategies in order to solve the puzzles more quickly.

Two Game Modes For Higher Replayability: Choose between Quick-Play (speed) and Total Madness (highest score wins).

Award-Winning Family Game: Winner of the 2018 Imagination Gaming Family Gold Award and Problem-Solving Gold Award.

Suitable for ages 7 and up, this game can be played in groups of up to 4 players. Match Madness can also be played solo: solve the puzzles at your own pace or try to beat your best times. Learning is always easier when it’s fun, and brain games make learning these skills seem like nothing more than making memories.

Match Madness is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Match Madness - Pattern Matching Puzzle Game

About Match Madness

Let the furious fun begin! Players sprint to arrange a set of 5 blocks so that they match a pattern shown on a card. The first player to succeed grabs the card and a new matching race start. Tensions rise as you scramble to outpace and outsmart your opponents in this ingenious game of perception. So fire up your neurons and be transported by Match Madness!

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