Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review @SMGurusNetwork #MySillyLittleGang #HGG19

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review @SMGurusNetwork #MySillyLittleGang #HGG19

I love sweet and fruity flavored coffee to start my day. And now I have found one that lets me indulge without any guilt. Keep reading my Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review to see why.

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review #MySillyLittleGang

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review

There are two times during the day when I am craving a sweet and fruity cup of coffee. One is first thing in the morning and then again after dinner. As you know I have gotten the chance to try many amazing flavored coffees! But it wasn’t until I tried the Slice Blueberry Pie coffee that I knew I had found the perfect one.

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review #MySillyLittleGang

For some, the thought of baked good flavored coffees, especially ones with berries as one of the main notes may make you believe the artificial flavoring might be a bit off. But when it comes to this specific one from Slice I was pleasantly surprised! Right from the first cup, I brewed the aroma of a freshly baked blueberry pie filled the air. The scent was so on point that my hubby came into the kitchen and asked me if I was baking so early. It literally smelled just like it does when I bake a pie! A deliciously sweet pie with ripe, big, and beautiful blueberries. The roast itself is a true medium roast with hints of warmth in each ground.

Many of you may know that I also love iced coffee. So I also tried this brew cold over ice and this coffee, once again totally impressed me. The blueberry flavor actually became more pronounced and sweeter iced.

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review #MySillyLittleGang

Another way I tried this delicious brew is in a blueberry Vanilla Latte. Want to know how I did it? Okay, I will share it with you. This blueberry vanilla latte is a simple combination of two amazing coffees that when united, absolutely explode with flavor!

You will need one pod of this blueberry pie coffee and one pod of your favorite vanilla flavored coffee. My favorite is this one. Start by brewing your blueberry pod on the lowest water setting of your Keurig into a large mug. Next, brew your vanilla pod on the same water setting into the large mug as well. Top with frothy heavy cream. It’s absolutely delicious and low in carbs!

Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review #MySillyLittleGang

You can find Slice Blueberry Pie Flavored Coffee Pods on Amazon.

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Start your morning off right with any of these delicious pie inspired flavored coffees. We start with perfectly roasted, high quality, Arabica beans, and meticulously flavor them to bring you one amazing cup of flavored coffee. Our Beans are roasted locally, and every cup is inspected to be sure you are getting a quality product. Slice Pie Flavored Coffee are compatible with most Keurig Brewers, Including 2.0.

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Slice Blueberry Pie Coffee Review #MySillyLittleGang

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