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Flybar My First Pogo Pals Review

Looking for a holiday gift that will bring lots of fun. Check out the Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper. Who said the little ones can’t have pogo jumping fun? They will absolutely love it, keep reading to see why.

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

My older boys love using the Flybar iPogo Jr., so the little one of course wanted to join in the fun. Thanks to the Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper, even the little one can have some pogo jumping fun! My little guys face completely lit up the minute he saw this frog Pogo Pals. For starters it’s green (his favorite color), and second it has adorable froggy faces on it!

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

Indoors or outside this will bring hours of fun. It was super easy for my little guy to learn to use it. The Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper is a great toy for kids of all sizes as it can safely hold up to 250 pounds. Kids as young as 3 years old can use it. The soft foam base squeaks with every hop making it lots of fun for both the kids jumping and the people around them. My little guy likes to create his own melody as he bounces around.

Among all of the different types of pogo sticks I’ve seen for children, this has got to be in my opinion one of the safest. I love that it has no metal parts. It’s even perfect for households with delicate flooring, the foam base doesn’t have any rough edges and won’t scuff hardwood or tile. I love that it will even work on carpet and grass surfaces too. Most metal pogo sticks don’t work well on grass or carpet so this is a big plus. And like I mentioned before the squeeking sound effect brings lots of excitement!

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

I love that the Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper builds physical strength and dexterity while your child is having a blast. It is so enjoyable, they won’t even think of it as exercise! They simply step on the base and grab the comfortable handles and start bouncing. It is only 1.08 pounds making it the ultimate portable pogo stick.

The base is attached to the handles with two stretchy bungee cords that can hold kids and adults of all heights. I have to admit that even I have given it a go and absolutely love it! So parents you too can have fun with this pogo jumper toy. The Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper offers endless value for developmental play!

You can find the Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper on the Flybar website and Amazon. Right Now my readers can save 15% on Amazon using the code: FlybarHol15

Product Description

The ​My First Flybar foam pogo stick ​is a fantastic way to introduce your children to the joy of jumping toys for kids​. Designed specifically for little ones, this ​toddler pogo stick​ is a great place to start with the joys of pogo. Get ready to ​boing boing​ your kids to a healthier future with our ​flybar pogo stick ​made of heavy duty foam.

We love keeping things fun, that’s why each foam ​pogo stick for kids​ makes a little squeak each time your child bounces. It’s a great way to encourage activity with a ​bungee jumper pogo toy that thinks outside the box.

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

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Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper Review

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    I wanted a pogo stick as a kid. I think most kids love these toys!

  2. belinda bell

    The grandkids would love this. And it would get them up and doing something


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