Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil @PalmOilHealth #Malaysianpalmoil

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

Many of you know that I love to cook. I love the satisfying feeling I get from being in the kitchen and whipping up something comforting and tasty for my family. Which is why I try to use products that are healthy and good for us. Recently I was contacted by Palm Oil Health to see if I would be interested in trying Malaysian Palm Oil. I did a little bit of research first and was surprised to learn about how good it is. I honestly have no idea why I hadn’t learned about or tried it before. I quickly agreed to give it a try and couldn’t wait to receive it.

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

I absolutely loved the box my oil was shipped it, and was surprised to see how big the box was! While I was expecting a bottle of Malaysian palm oil, I was happily surprised to see all of the great goodies they sent me. I received a bottle of Carotino cooking oil (which is a palm & canola oil blend), a bottle of kernels for making popcorn, three recipe cards, and a cookbook that feature Malaysian palm oil.

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

When looking at the oil itself the first thing that I noticed is the beautiful orange-red color. I have tried it in a couple recipes and love how it gives a gorgeous buttery look to batters. And I can’t leave out that it adds a beautiful glow to sautéed foods. 

Health and Sustainable Benefits of Palm Oil

I love trying new foods. While some don’t measure up, I love it when I find some that become staples in my kitchen. I will definitely be keeping Malaysian palm oil in my kitchen. This oil has a very mild taste that did not overpower any of the recipes I used it in. I also appreciate that a little goes a long way. Carotino cooking oil can be used in place of any vegetable oil and is heat stable making which makes it a great choice for stir-frying.

A few of the cool things I learned about Malaysian Palm Oil is that it’s non-GMO and trans-fat free. It’s also high in nutrients like Vitamin E. I also love it’s sustainability, it can live for up to 20-30 years. That is truly amazing in my opinion. If you’re looking for a healthy oil to use in your cooking, I highly recommend Malaysian Palm Oil.

If you would like to get the facts about Malaysian Palm Oil a great place to start is the Palm Oil Health website

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What is tells the story of Malaysian palm oil. We provide nutrition information and recipes, facts about Malaysian palm oil’s sustainable production, as well as industry research.

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