An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats @NurturMe @SMGurusNetwork #BTS18

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

I am getting my boys ready to go back to school, like lots of people around this time of the year. One of the things that is at the top of my shopping list are immune-boosting treats! We all know that eating a well-balanced meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables is a great, but what can you do if your child is picky with his veggies. Or maybe you want to give them an extra boost of immunity. I try to feed my boys immune-boosting treats year round, but take extra care to during the school year. Did you know that according to the CDC, millions of children get sick from the flu each year? Going back to school is a huge contributor to spreading illness. With NurturMe’s Super Immunity Power Blends, you can give your child that extra help to boost their immune system and keep them happy and healthy.

I was recently contacted by NurturMe to see if I would give their fruit + veggie pouches a try. I hadn’t heard of NurturMe’s Super Immunity Power Blends before they reached out. However my boys love squeezable pouches so why not have them try these. Here’s a little spoiler… Since you’re reading this you can be sure that we liked them. You know I love to share with you products my boys & I like.

The Organic Super Immunity Power Blends lineup is comprised of four fruit + veggie blends: apple / pumpkin / beet, banana / pumpkin / celery, carrot / mango / apple, and pear / pea / spinach. They are the first and only pouches with Staimune™, a strain of GanedenBC30®, which are inactivated cultures that have been shown to support immune health. All Organic Power Blend products are concentrate-free.

Each of these products are:

USDA Certified Organic
Certified Kosher
Free from gluten, soy, egg, and dairy
Non – GMO
BPA Free
No concentrates
No added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavorings

We were sent two flavors Banana / Pumpkin / Celery, and Pear / Pea / Spinach. We all gave them a try, here are our thoughts.

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

Let’s start with the Banana / Pumpkin / Celery. This one is my favorite of the two. My little one (7) and my nieces (2,5) also liked this one. It has a delicious sweet and fruity taste.

The ingredients in this blend are: Organic banana, organic pumpkin, organic celery, organic apple concentrate, ascorbic acid

Here are the nutritional facts:

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

Next we gave the Pear / Pea / Spinach one a try. My two older ones (11, 13) really liked this one. My oldest who doesn’t like spinach said you couldn’t even taste it. Both of them loves pears so maybe that’s why they liked this one the best. I too found this one to by yummy.

The ingredients in this pouch are: Organic pear, organic pea, organic spinach, organic apple concentrate, citric acid

Here are the nutritional facts:

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

Bottom Line: We love these immune-boosting treats! I’m so happy to find an organic blend with veggies (that my kids like!). And even though I know NurturMe’s Super Immunity Power Blends are designed for kids I grab one all the time for a quick healthy snack!

An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

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At NurturMe, we’re all about keeping tummies happy and healthy. From baby to grownups—and every stage in between—our tummy friendly foods promote good digestive health and are free from common allergens that can upset sensitive bellies. With no added preservatives, sugars or salts, our full line is certified organic, non-GMO verified and kosher, helping take the worry out of feeding your family.

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An Immune-Boosting Treat for Back to School Eats

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    I like that these are free of artificial flavors, etc. That’s important to me.

  2. Tamra Phelps

    Hey, if you can sneak in veggies with the fruits, I say go for it, lol. Some kids will only eat them that way.

  3. larescoe

    These are great! My kids would love them, and wouldn’t even realize how good they are for them! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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