Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover @PyroPetCandles #kaikaiash @Pinkly_Perfect @BuddyPhones

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

My nieces and I absolutely love unicorns! My nieces take it a bit further and have their entire bedroom decorated in unicorns of every color. If you are or know someone who is a Unicorn Lover then this is a post you will enjoy. The lighthearted trend towards all things Unicorn is super-hot this year. As much as some have tried to avoid these mystical creatures, the love for unicorns is very…REAL! 🦄 Of course, children naturally love it and have embraced it, but the unicorn phenomenon is appealing to all ages because adults are just as enchanted by this fantasy animal. Here is a list of four fun & whimsical products for the unicorn lover.

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

#1 Magically Cute Unicorn Candle with a Surprise Reveal!

Turn your home into the magical den of your dreams with this mystical cute candle. This PyroPets unicorn shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside as it burns; a golden metallic skeleton! You’ve found Einar the mystical Icelandic Unicorn. Legend holds that he has a heart of gold. We can only vouch for the ribs and spine. Best to check for yourself. Each candle is slightly different and will burn in its own unique way.

Available at 54 Celsius – PyroPet Candles – $35.00

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

#2 Rainbow Unicorn, Canvas Storage Box

kaikai & ash’s adorable 13” canvas toy storage boxes are functional, playful, colorful and a great way to organize children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and even dorm rooms. The whimsical unicorn boxes are popular for 2018 and are wrapped in natural-tone, cotton canvas to complement any room with pops of color. More than 40 designs to choose from!

Available nationally at Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Wayfair,, and kaikai & ash – $21.95

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

#3 Pinkly Perfect Avalon Sweatshirt

For beach loving girls obsessed with summer and unicorns, Pinkly Perfect’s brand new Avalon sweatshirt proudly proclaims “Unicorns are real, the sun never sets and summer lasts forever.” Super soft light blue with a wide neck and extra cozy — perfect for late night walks on the beach when the ocean breeze kicks up.

Available at Pinkly Perfect – $48

Four Fun & Whimsical Products For The Unicorn Lover

#4 BuddyPhones WAVE – the first-ever wireless & waterproof headphones

My niece is always watching movies on her tablet. Like my sister and many parents I worry about about how using headphones constantly affects her hearing. Thankfully, I came across these adorable unicorn BuddyPhones! I like that they are soft, sturdy, and perfectly suitable to use while watching her movies. Another cool thing about BuddyPhones WAVE is that they are waterproof! This will especially come in handy on her summer travels! These headphones are also Bluetooth, and come with a built-in Buddy system which is an audio splitter that allows multiple headphones to share one audio source. These headphones are truly a godsend.

The BuddyPhones WAVE is extremely durable, fully adjustable to different sizes, and the headbands are fitted with pillow-soft hypoallergenic ear cushions to fit snugly and comfortably even on kids with sensitive skin. BuddyPhones WAVE is also fully waterproof, so it can be brought in water without a worry. Even spilled milk or juice won’t harm the WAVE thanks to waterproof protection. WAVE’s optional travel kit includes a protective hard case with a water-resistant zipper and an airplane plug for sharing. Four listening modes are available, including Toddler Mode/75Db, Kids Mode/ 85Db, Travel Mode/94Db, or the Study Mode/94Db). 24 hr. battery life.
Elegantly placed on both sides of the earphone cushions is a beautiful white unicorn!

Available in 4 designs including unicorn, robot, money, and bee at and –  $79.99

What are your favorite unicorn products?

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    These are so cute. I love all the colors of these products. Thank you so much for sharing these products


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