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Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

Ever since I bought my multi-use pressure cooker back in march I use it at least 4 times a week. It has been the absolute best purchase I have made for my kitchen. One thing I haven’t done in it however is steam anything. Even though it did bring a steaming rack, I needed a steamer basket. In my regular pots I have used the traditional stainless steel steamer baskets that fan out. If you want to see what I’m talking about you can see this post here. However I didn’t want to use it in my multi-use pressure cooker. You’re probably wondering why… well I was scared that it would scratch the non-stick coating.

That’s why when I saw this stainless steel steamer basket with non-slip silicone covered legs I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It came very well packaged which is great because I would have hated to have it get bent in shipping. Anyway it arrived perfectly!

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

I immediately took it out and fell in love with how perfect it was. It was bigger than I expected it to be, so I was a little scared that it may not fit. My multi-use pressure cooker has a  6-quart non-stick cooking pot, which according to the steamer basket description. should fit. It looked big though, so I admit I was a little worried. But it is a beautiful steamer basket.

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

I absolutely love that the feet and handle of this basket is covered with silicone. The silicone feet gives me the peace of mind that my pot won’t get scratched.

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

And the silicone handle makes it so easy to take out of my pot even when it’s hot. Most importantly I love how perfectly this steamer basket fits in my multi-use pressure cooker, and the lit closes without a problem!

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

Not only does this steamer basket fit perfectly, but it’s such a great size to fit many veggies. I have used it to steam corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots. Another great thing is that the steaming rack that comes with the multi-use pressure cooker fits inside this basket should I need to use it this way. However you can also place this basket on the steaming rack, too. I haven’t exactly measured the amount of water that fits below the basket, but it’s definitely more than 8 oz minimum requirement for my pot. This stainless steel steamer basket is exactly what I wanted and I am thrilled with it!

You can get your stainless steel steamer basket on Amazon.

Product Description

  • ✔ MULTI PURPOSE: A perfect instant pot accessory,can be used for steaming veggie, meats, fruits, eggs, fish and straining all food. Custom built to fit for 6 or 8 quart Instant Pot, and other brand larger electric pressure cooker. A must have kitchen accessory.
  • ✔ FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: Made of durable and rustproof 304 stainless steel, eco-friendly for strength and durability,the finish is smooth and well polished. BPA free food grade silicone wrapped handle and legs,easy and convenient for putting in and lifting out.
  • ✔ HEALTHY COOKING: People like steaming food as this is the healthiest way to retain food vitamins, flavors,nutrients.Easy to steam food quickly and evenly. Smart designed raised inbuilt legs keep the basket above water so your food would never touch the water nor your veggies get soggy.
  • ✔ EASY USING: With removable handle, easily to be lifted in and out of your pressure cooker.The holes act as a colander to strain water. Not only a metal vegetable steamer, food steamer, egg steamer, steamer insert, but also a fruit/veg container or a stainless steel strainer basket.
  • ✔ LONG LASTING: Great for satisfying all your cooking and steaming needs! Easy to steam food evenly and quickly. A perfect accessory to your instant pot cookware.Thicker than mesh steamer basket, very stury and durable, long lasting for many years.

Wide and Deep Designed

Each steamer basket is deep and wide designed, which allow you to steam a large quantity of veggie and other food all at once.
Cook more and faster, so dinner can be got ready quickly and easily, time saving and efficient. 

304 Stainless Steel and Food Grade Silicone

Food grade 304 stainless steel, safe for using, polished well, no any residue left on the surface, each corner or edge are smooth and shiny.
Silicone covered legs are high enough to keep the food out of water when steaming, meanwhile keep your pressure cooker’s bottom from scratching. 
Silicone wrapped handle makes removal easy and safe, convenient grabbing and heat protection. The removable handle will not easily pop out while in use.

Steam Food Evenly and Quickly 

Holey baskets allow you to steam food fast and even, a best and healthiest way to retain food vitamins, flavors,nutrients. 
You can steam any food as you want like: asparagus,potatoes,hard boiled eggs, carrots, broccoli, green beans, corn on the cob, green beans etc. 
The steamer basket is perfect for satisfying all your vegetable needs and hard boiled eggs for effortless peeling, bone broths, chicken broths and the only limitation is your imagination.

Well Built Strainer Basket 

You can use it as a useful and practical fruit container, veggie container or a stainless steel strainer basket. The holes act as a colander to strain water fast.
Very sturdy and strong constructed, no worry of dents, damaged or breaks. 

Easy Clean Up

Dishwasher safe.The stainless-steel basket is easier cleaning up compared to wire baskets from competitors. No any smell of iron, odor free and rustproof.


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Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Review

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    This would be just the thing to use in a pressure cooker. It looks pretty impressively made, too.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      It is really well made. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve used it and it still looks new.

  2. larescoe

    What a great idea, I love that you can use it for so many different things! I have never had anything like this, but I want one now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by today. I use it often, not just in my multi use pot.

  3. Kelly OMalley

    I love this. We do a lot of steaming at my house and our steamer is far from nice. This one looks perfect.

  4. Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds so nice. I love the silicone handle and legs. I need to get one of these. Thank you for sharing


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