Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket @Story2Sleep

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

My little guy loves stories at both bed time and nap time. He’s always lugging books and his blanket around everywhere. Recently I received a new product from Story 2 Sleep called Storybook Blanket. This is a blanket that comes with a large soft storybook. Both of these items come inside of a zippered backpack that is great for on the go.

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

I was surprised to see how big both the blanket and the storybook are! My little guy loves how soft both of them are, he also likes that he can lay down and be covered head to toe. The story book is several pages and full of great illustrations. The story is entertaining and keeps my little guy interested.

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

The blanket is super soft on one side. The soft side is also green which happens to be my son’s favorite color. So as you can imagine this blanket has quickly become his favorite.  This blanket also has a bag in it where the book can be kept in.

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

What my little guy loves the most about this blanket however is that he can easily take it everywhere!

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

You can get the Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket on Amazon.

Product Description

The Learn to Read Blanket for Kids By Story 2 Sleep is comfy, warm and fun! It comes with a large bedtime Story Book you can attach to it and a free Audiobook to help your children read along. And you can put away the Story Books inside the Blanket when storytime is over!

The Story to Sleep Blanket helps your children ease into bedtime, away from the TV. It’s cozy, fun and promotes reading at the same time!

The Learn to Read Blanket for Kids is a great educational toy for kids 2 – 9 Years Old (Toddler Age, Preschool Age, Kindergarten +). The Story 2 Sleep Kids Blanket makes a great gift idea for kids (Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, etc)!

Make the bedtime bond between you and your kids special again and help develop your children’s love for reading with The Learn to Read Blanket & Story Book!

How It Works

Attach the story books to the blanket and easily swap them.
Store kids books inside the blanket’s hidden pocket.
Scan the QR code on the back of the storybooks to get access to free audiobooks.

What’s Included

One soft twin size kids blanket (58″ W x 73″ L) with hidden pocket to store kids book. One attachable fabric kids book (18″ W x 18″ L), “The Secret Story Transporter” (first adventure of the Story 2 Sleep series), with 16 full color illustrations and a link to free audiobook. Free reusable bag (9″ W x 9″ L x 19″ H) to carry the kids blanket and kids book.


The Learn to Read Blanket for Kids features two beautiful designs, one for boys and one for girls. The “Secret Story Transporter” storybook (first adventure of the Story 2 Sleep series) contains 16 full color engaging illustrations.

Every kid needs a blanket. Why not make it a fun blanket? Get Yours Today!

Story 2 Sleep’s Storybook Blanket

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    This is so nice for the kids. My grandchildren love story time also. Great gift idea.

  2. gloria patterson

    This is a great ideal going to share this with my great niece. Her son loves his books and blanket but something like this would special. He could take it with him when he goes to visit his grandmothers.


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