Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro! @espn

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

One of my boys has loved playing soccer since he was 5 years old. He has several trophies and medals. I am definitely a very proud mama. He practices every chance he gets and is always looking to gain more skills. We recently received the ESPN Future Pro Soccer Ball, which he absolutely loves.

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

This soccer ball has foot markings so that you know where to practice kicking for great shots. My son likes to practice curving the ball, chip shots, and bending the ball. He says this ball makes it easy to get the right shots.

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

I really like how well-made this custom instructional ball is. In addition to the ESPN Future Pro soccer ball, there is also a football, baseball, softball and basketball. All of them have instructional directions printed on them.

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

These balls are intended for kids aged 5-10, This ball is of a very high quality, so it is sure to last a long time. They are also very well priced too, so definitely a worthwhile investment for any aspiring sports players.

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

Practice Makes Perfect – But ESPN Future Pro Makes Practice Easy

Budding athletes, time to perfect and finesse your skills

NEW YORK – FEB 14, 2018 – ESPN, the world’s most compelling sporting events and highlight network, along with Hunter Products Pty. Ltd is ecstatic to release, ESPN Future Pro, strategically designed custom balls with instructional elements to foster sport skills for any aspiring athlete.

ESPN Future Pro was invented with training and skill development in mind for every little budding athlete around the world. Precise instructional directions are printed on each custom ball, including exact finger and hand placements as well as striking areas. Practicing curve balls, three-pointers or chips have never been easier!

The ESPN Future Pro series has been designed by professional athletes to ensure that little athletes are learning from the best. Mastering the basic skills to any sport is essential for budding athletes to become the champ on any field or court.

Create your very own top ten highlights in your backyard with the ESPN Future Pro Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer ball and Softball.

  • ESPN Future Pro Football – Perfect your soaring spirals and your precise target kicks with our highlighted hand and foot placement markers.
  • ESPN Future Pro Soccer – Accurate instructional targets that let you get that desired kick every time, including passing, chips and shots on net.
  • ESPN Future Pro Basketball – Nail your layup, jump-shot or three-pointer by following the instructional hand-print guide.
  • ESPN Future Pro Baseball – The perfect pitch, including fast balls and curve balls, are easy with the instructional hand placement.
  • ESPN Future Pro Softball – Follow key finger markings to master a curve ball or fast ball – make that pitch perfect.

“We wanted to create a sporting product that would successfully impact and encourage little athletes everywhere” said Jordan Bannister, Product Inventor, Hunter Products Pty. Ltd (and former Australian Football League player). “As a former professional athlete, developing and mastering the basic skills are the fundamental stepping stones into any athletic career, and ESPN Future Pro makes practicing those skills so easy!”

Primarily targeted to athletes ages five to ten, ESPN Future Pro will retail from $4.99-14.99 and are available at WalMart.
For more information on ESPN Future Pro please visit us at:

Practice Is Easy With ESPN Future Pro!

About Hunter Products Pty. Ltd.

Hunter Products is a family owned and operated distributor and manufacturer of toys, sporting goods, wheeled toys, aquatic items, fitness products and premiums. Based in Melbourne, Australia Hunter Products have embarked upon substantial in-house development programs which now sell to a global market to over 30 countries. Hunter Products has a worldwide presence with its focus now shifting toward developing both licensed and generic product for the international market. The robust list of clients and licenses continue to expand from working with brands such as DreamWorks Movie Home, Disney, Mattel, Fila Fitness and Monster Jam. From bikes, scooters, skateboards and even pools, Hunter Products continues to expand outside the toy space to make their name known.


  1. kate g

    Great idea. I wish more manufacturers would take giving instructions more seriously (instead of expecting you to figure it out yourself). Sometimes trying to understand how to use something can be very difficult and I think this is perfect to help kids learn…now let’s hope they apply that type of ‘how to’ for things for adults.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      I agree. 🙂


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