Eclipse Curtains – Blackout & Noise Reduction Curtains @EclipseCurtains

Eclipse Curtains - Blackout & Noise Reduction Curtains

Eclipse Curtains – Blackout & Noise Reduction Curtains

I have been thinking about getting blackout curtains for Aaron’s room. He is a light sleeper. It doesn’t help that his room is on the street side of the house. Plus that’s also the side that the sun rises on. So it was great when I received an email from Eclipse Curtains recently. I visited their website and found out more about them.

Eclipse Curtains - Blackout & Noise Reduction Curtains

The first thing that I learned was that there are several levels when it comes to blackout curtains. I’m late on the blackout curtains bandwagon and honestly had no idea. It makes total sense, and I feel a bit silly that I didn’t know this.

Eclipse Curtains offer four levels. Absolute Zero, which blocks 100% of light and maximize privacy, noise reduction and energy savings. Black Out which blocks 98 to 99.9% of the light. Room Darkening which blocks 93 to 97.9% of the light. And Light Filtering which allows the sun’s natural light to come in and  blocks UV rays up to 33%.

I have two large and two small windows in Aaron’s room so I’m thinking the Black Out ones would be great for him.

Like I mentioned before Eclipse Curtains’ line of functional curtains provide privacy, manage light, reduce noise, and help with energy savings. All those things really made me want to give them a try. I also liked that  their curtains look elegant and that they offer curtains with designs that are perfect for any child’s room.  Plus Eclipse Curtains can be tailored to meet your needs.

Another plus is that the Eclipse Curtains website has guides to help me with how to measure and how to hang their curtains. I can’t wait to see how they are, if they work in our home and how they help Aaron get a better night’s sleep.

Be on the lookout for that post soon. In the meantime here is how you can find out more and connect with Eclipse Curtains.

Eclipse Curtains - Blackout & Noise Reduction Curtains

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