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Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

I have been a fan of Glasstic water bottles ever since I was first introduced to the brand in 2016. I have many glass water bottles but Glasstic has definitely been among my favorites. If you have someone on your gift list who likes personalized items, you should definitely look into Glasstic. I was recently ordered one with my blog name on it, and I love it!

Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

Glasstic Glass Water Bottles are perfect for where glass bottles are not allowed. Are you wondering why… Well These glass water bottles are shatterproof. They have a glass insert, which is where the water goes. I love this because I can add my essential oils or fruit to my water without having to worry about all the cons of plastic bottles. The glass insert goes into a plastic outer shell. This outer shell in combination with the glass insert is what makes this shatterproof glass water bottle double walled.

Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

Another reason I love that this bottle is set up this way because Glasstic has these great laminated sheets called “Style Inserts” in all sorts of designs that fit between the glass insert and the outer casing. I received a 5 pack of these Style Insert polka dot sheets. These are awesome because I feel like I have 6 different bottles in one.

Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

I also love the cap on this bottle! It has a lock on the lid, which is great so it won’t open by mistake in my bag. The cap also has a wide mouth spout which makes drinking out of this bottle easy.

Personalizing your bottle is super easy thanks to the designing tool that is right on the Glasstic website. This designing tool is called the Text Logo Generator.

Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

With this tool you can easily add a design to one or both sides of the outer shell. So why not go ahead and have a fun and personalized bottle! 

Happy Holidays from Glasstic!

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Glasstic Water Bottle Holiday Review

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