My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot @SMGurusNetwork #BrickLoot #MySillyLittleGang #Review

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

My kids are seriously going CRAZY for Brick Loot. Ever since we unboxed the May 2017 box they have been hooked. They couldn’t wait to unbox another one. This month we were lucky enough to receive the November 2017 box. My boys love everything that has to do with LEGO Bricks, so it’s no surprise that they would enjoy a subscription box like Brick Loot.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Brick Loot. This is a monthly subscription box that brings custom brick kits, Minifigures, LEGO and brick accessories from various manufacturers (all LEGO compatible) and Brick Loot exclusives.

They ship to: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Australia (Shipping: $6 USA, $13 CA, $15 All Others).

The Cost of this box is: $27 a month + shipping for the monthly subscription, $25 a month + shipping for the three month subscription, and $24.95 a month + shipping for the six month subscription.

Right now (there are only 12 days left as of today to order the December box) you can use Coupon Code: usfamily12 to save 12% off new subscriptions CLICK HERE to subscribe or find out more.

The November Box had the Sweet Bricks Theme featuring Sweet Pete’s! Included in this box was the following:

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

The Cotton Candy Cart

This is an Exclusive 100% LEGO build designed by Chris Maddison. Chris Maddison is an Iowa based brick artist. You can check out Chris’s work at

Aaron really enjoyed how easy it was to put together!

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

The Mini City Candy Shop

Sweet Pete’s is not only a famous candy brand but they also have a candy mansion in Jacksonville FL. It’s one of the largest shops in the USA!

We had not heard of Sweet Pete’s before, but now it’s on our list of places we want to visit.

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

The Candy Tray

This is an awesome brick candy tray. But the most awesome thing about it is that it brought Sweet Pete’s Special Gummy Recipe!

We can’t wait to give it a try. Maybe we’ll even do a video on it.

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

An Exclusive Art Print

This exclusive art print by Greg Hyland. Greg is a writer, illustrator, designer and storyboard artist for The LEGO Group. Besides working for LEGO he writes and draws his own web comic, Lethargic Lad. Check it out at

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

The Candy Shop Tile Pack

This is made with 100% Custom LEGO Parts. My boys really liked this tile pack!

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

Sweet Pete Minifigure – 100% Custom LEGO Minifigure

Pete Behringer is the owner of Sweet Pete’s. He has been featured on the CNBC hit reality series The Profit. Today Sweet Pete’s manufactures a line of handcrafted quality chocolates and sells over a thousand different types of candies with 5 stores across the USA. Check them out at

If you want to take a look at Aaron unboxing this great box, see the Cotton Candy Cart & Mini City Candy Shop getting built take a look at our YouTube video.

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All in all we think that Brick Loot is a fun subscription for any LEGO fan. We loved everything in this box wouldn’t change a thing. We really liked that it brought two builds and a minifigure. This theme was definitely a sweet one for us (pun totally intended). And it introduced us to a new brand (Sweet Pete’s) and gave us a new place to add to our places to visit list. 

What do you think of Brick Loot and this month’s box?

My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

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My kids are going CRAZY for Brick Loot

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