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My New JORD Wood Watch

My New JORD Wood Watch

I love JORD wood watches, ever since I was first introduced to them back in 2015. The craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness of JORD wood watches are beyond anything I have ever come across before. Many people who have never had a JORD watch tend to think that wood watches are stiff, uncomfortable, heavy and rough to the touch. I mean it is wood…right, well that couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are many things that I love about JORD watches. For starters I like how light they are. Don’t get me wrong, all the JORD watches I own have a nice weight to them, but they aren’t overly heavy. The next thing I really like is how smooth the watches are. But now let me tell you more about my latest JORD watch.

My New JORD Wood Watch

My new watch is called Zebrawood & Navy, and is from the JORD Frankie series. I absolutely love the face of it. The face is a deep Navy, which looks fabulous against the grained zebrawood! It has a stainless steel deployment buckle with push buttons that holds the watch securely on.

It came in a gorgeous wood box with a drawer, finishing oil (to help preserve the watch), a microfiber cloth, and a little pillow that helps keep the watch’s shape. I love that I can wear this watch with anything, whether dressed up or in jeans and a t-shirt.

My New JORD Wood Watch

JORD Wood Watches offer many watches that range in color and style. There are Mechanically Driven wooden watches that let you see the inner makings of the watch, watches made of Bamboo that have a creative face, dual wood watches, and watches like the one I received that is solid wood. They offer watches for men and women and all of them have scratch resistant faces and are splash proof. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean they are waterproof. A feature of these watches that I love is that no watch is the same, because the grain and colors of the woods vary so each watch is definitely unique. In addition, these watches come with one year of limited warranty protection.

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My New JORD Wood Watch

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