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Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

I am always looking for ways to keep my kids creative and off of their electronics. Most of the time it’s either by going outside or by playing board games. However there are times that my boys like to play on their own. So here is a list of great toys that will help you keep your kids creative.

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

Doodle a Droodle Drawing Game

This is such a fun game! We have such a fun and silly time when we play this game together. Ever since we got this game we’ve played it daily. It’s lots of fun with it’s erasable board and it’s timer. This is truly a great game to bring out anyone’s creativity.

Product Description: The Purple Cow brings the “Droodles” back to life with a twist. The name “droodle” is a mix between a “doodle” (a sketch) and a “riddle”. In this entertaining droodle game, one of the years really funny games and creative drawing games, players need to think creatively and sketch their interpretation of the droodle. If they did a good job in sketching – they win points. A good laugh is guaranteed! This game assists in developing fine motor skills, creative and “out of the box” thinking as well as sharpening one’s sense of humor! Making it a great game for families, parties, homeschooling or in the classroom. Doodle a Droodle incudes: 108 droodle cards, one erasable white board, 2 erasable pens, a sand timer and an instruction booklet. For 5+ years and 1-10 players.

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

InRoad Toys Hot Wheels® PlayTape®

This happens to be one of one of my boys’ favorite toys. They have tons of toy cars and love building their own roads and racetracks. I like that it’s easy to remove and doesn’t mess up my hardwood floors. My boys also like that PlayTape curves are also available, so making roads anyway they want is easy.

Product Description: There’s no better creative play and use of imagination than cars and trucks and InRoad Toys Hot Wheels® PlayTape® opens up a universe of open-ended vehicle play that’s as simple and unbounded as “Unroll, Stick, and Race!™” Ideal for creating roads for playing with toy cars, sticks to any flat surface, easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required, repositionable – mistake proof, easy removal, leaves no residue.
Available Colors: Hot Wheels® Orange and Blue
Available online:
Orange Single Pack –
Blue Single Pack –
Orange 2 Pack –
Blue 2 Pack –

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

Zookeeper Sorting Box

Made in Germany, this Zookeeper Sorting Box from HABA is tons of fun and prompts free play! Just like in a real zoo, within every enclosure there is a slide. If pushed down, only the half wooden shapes fit through the opening. If pushed upward, the opening is large enough for the whole wood shape. This is fun because as children play, they can pretend to feed the animals while becoming more familiar with color and shapes. Contents: 8 wooden shapes and one sorting box.

Available to purchase at HABA and Amazon.

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

Educational Insights Playfoam

This is such a great toy! All three of my boys enjoy playing with it and I have to admit I love to play with it too. It’s a great stress reliever, I have started to use it in place of my stress ball. My boys love making shapes with it over and over. It’s also a huge plus that it doesn’t dry out. Overnight it does get a little hard but after kneading it a few times it’s back to normal.

Product Description: With Educational Insights Playfoam Classic 4-Pack, kids are free to express their creativity with no mess to clean up afterward! Just squish up the Playfoam, shape it however you like, then squash it back down and start all over again! No-stick Playfoam is perfect for sculpting squishy, squashy creations anywhere and anytime! And Playfoam never dries out, so the creativity never ends! Encourages creativity and self-expression, provides tactile and sensory stimulation, and develops fine motor skills too!

Great Toys For Keep Kids Creative Week

ZIPIT’s Interactive Coloring and Activity Book

This is such a cool activity book! You color a picture, add the provided stickers, and you are ready to watch your picture come to life! All you have to do is download the app which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Open the app and point the camera to your picture. Then you can see your picture come to life. With the app you can also add stickers, a border and even take a video of your picture! 

Product Description: Nothing brings creativity to a child like a coloring book and ZIPIT’s Interactive Coloring and Activity Book is just the ticket! Inspiring themes, coloring pages and Magic Stickers take the ordinary coloring book and makes it extraordinary. Inside this coloring book you will find pages of animated stickers that come alive when you view them with the ZIPIT Creativity App. Go ahead and apply each sticker on top of its own picture. To help you get started several pages have stickers on them already. Once you download the free App, the excitement is just beginning! By looking at the book’s pages through the App, you can see the stickers move and your creation come to life! Hold the app over your colored pages or snap an image of anything you like and unleash your creativity. Change your background, put on a frame or add and tap the stickers for a masterpiece that you can share with your friends and family!

Available on the ZIPIT website and at Walmart.

Which toy on this list do you like the most? What do you do to keep your kids creative? Don’t forget to check out my other toy post: Toys Your Prince Or Princess Will Love


  1. Lujuana Miller

    Sorry, I meant the Interactive Coloring and Activity Book!

  2. Lujuana Miller

    I like the Doodle a Droodle. It seems like it would be fun! It got coloring pages and stickers, markers! It’s all cool and in one activity center!


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