Mysticons It’s Time for a NEW Type of Hero

Mysticons It’s Time for a NEW Type of Hero

Mysticons It’s Time for a NEW Type of Hero

If you ask me I will tell you that I believe there are not enough female heroes for girls to look up to these days. But that my dears is about to change tomorrow with the arrival of Mysticons! The new animated action series that we in the US can watch on Nickelodeon. It premiers at 4pm ET/PT. Our neighbors in Canada will be able to watch this great series on TELETOON network starting in the fall.

Mysticons It’s Time for a NEW Type of Hero1

We recently received an amazingly fun kit for my nieces and I to watch the Mysticons with. As you can see in the kit we received all four Mysticons masks, temporary tattoos, a card with each of the Mysticons on it and an inspirational quote, and a tote bag that we can color in! We can’t wait to get to know Arkayana, Zarya, Em and Piper!

From the kit we received we learned that this action series is rich in both story and mythology. Arkayna is Drake City’s princess who desperately wants to be a regular teen. Zarya is a street kid who is protective of her “family”, often acting as a “big sister” to Piper. Em grew up with Arkayna as her griffon handler and BFF. And Piper is an elf who grew up on the street with her friend Zarya. We liked that Mysticons focuses on the representation of girls’ strength, power and courage on the television screen.


Jump into Drake City with the original animated action series Mysticons! Arkayna, Zarya, Em and Piper are four girls from different walks of life who are transformed into the legendary Mysticons. Drawn together by a prophecy to battle evil, these unexpected heroes transform into legendary warriors to undertake a mythic quest to save the world.

Be sure to catch the Mysticons on Nickelodeon starting Monday, August 28th at 4pm ET/PM and this fall on TELETOON Network.

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