Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs @High5Dogs

Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs

Image provided by ChicExecs PR

Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs

We all love to look good, which is why we like to keep up with the latest trends. Why does it have to be different when it comes to our fur babies? When we walk our fur babies we want to look good too. The time has come to say goodbye to those old leashes. And hello to the multi-functional luxury leashes from High5dogs!

High5dogs Launches The H5D Leisure Collection

Introducing a handy and colorful collection for the active city person & their pup

High5dogs creates innovative products that cater to contemporary needs in a timeless manner. Keep your pooch safe and secure with luxury leashes that are a combination of functionality, simplicity and style.

After the launch of High5dogs in 2016, the products were received with such an enthusiasm that founder Daniel Fang decided to make them available to a bigger audience. A year later, High5dogs has launched the H5D Leisure Collection! A bright, colorful collection for the active city person and dog, there’s a leash for any type of pup.

High5dogs Leash Features:

  • Hands-free dog walking
  • Convenient tethering without unleashing your dog
  • Use 4 different ways of leashing your dog with only one leash
  • Easy to shorten
  • Sporty and stylish
Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs

Image provided by ChicExecs PR


Leader Leash

You’re the leader with this smart looking functional leash! With a unique High5dogs Leader system, you can lead your dog in four different ways using one and the same leash:

  1. Traditional connection: Hook the leash to a collar or harness.
  2. Fixed size collar/leash combination: Fit to your dog’s neck size by adjusting the buckle. Connect the hook to the buckle and you have a nice short leash for in the city.
  3. Lasso/semi slip: Mount the hook on the rope between the sizing buckle (fitted to your dog’s neck size) and the rubber stopper. Use it as a lasso to quickly leash your dog and push the rubber stopper down to prevent the lasso from sliding open.
  4. Training lead: Mount the hook on the rope before the sizing buckle. This will create a slip lead. (Do not use this option without guidance of a dog trainer and never on pups.)

CLIC Leash

One ‘CLIC’ ties your dog to a chair or table with ease! The first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash so one can tether a dog in a single motion with only one hand, High5Dogs makes it convenient to bring your furry friend along!

CLIC Shoulder Leash

Just throw this leash over your shoulder and you’ll have both hands free! The CLIC Shoulder leash makes it simple, and fun to bring your pup to any occasion.

Rope Walker Harness

A simple, elegant harness made with beautiful rope where only the chest size has to be adjusted for your dog to fit. With a D-ring on the back, this is a stylish and simple solution for any dog. The Dring on the front is for mounting a dog tag or a safety light.

Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs

Image provided by ChicExecs PR

Want to give your dog a good leash on life? Visit the High5dogs website for more information on these pawfect products for you and your best friend.

Walk Fido in Style With High5dogs

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