Tomorrow Is National Julienne Fry Day, Time For T-fal @Tfal_Cookware ‏

Tomorrow Is National Julienne Fry Day, Time For T-fal

Tomorrow Is National Julienne Fry Day, Time For T-fal

Tomorrow Is National Julienne Fry Day, Time For T-fal

Did you know that tomorrow Saturday August 12 is National Julienne Fry Day? Being a mom I like to feed my boys as healthy as I can. Which is why I don’t fry my fries. In order to do that I bake mine so they have to be nice and thin. There is no way I can get them as thin as I need without my T-fal Mandolin Grater.

This mandolin grater is great for much more than just for fries. I can do so much because it brings 4 interchangeable blades. I love using it to grate cheese, which helps me save money. It’s always cheaper to buy cheese blocks than shredded cheese.

Tomorrow Is National Julienne Fry Day, Time For T-fal

It also comes with a finger guard, which is great because this mandolin is super sharp.

Aside from cheese and potatoes I use it for slicing our garden veggies and fruits for food storage purposes. It has worked well and made slicing of large amounts easier and much quicker. I especially liked the slices falling into the container below the slicer which kept the food and the juices from running all over my counter. The handle is also a plus. I simply love this. BUT WARNING, use the safety guide!!! These are sharp! The T-fal Comfort Mandoline Grater, is THE perfect tool for making fries, sliced veggies, and much more. 

You can find the T-fal Mandolin Grater at Walmart and of course on Amazon.

Product Description:

  • The T-fal Comfort mandolin includes 4 blades, cover plate, finger guard, lid, and vessel
  • The interchangeable blades (fine and course grating blades; slicing blade and julienne blade) store neatly within the mandolin graters container
  • The mandolin grater finger guard snaps into place for a good grip, ease of use & safety
  • Compact design allows easy storage and saves space in the kitchen
  • The T-fal Comfort mandolin grater is dishwasher safe

The T-fal Comfort mandolin tackles big jobs in a small space. This mandolin slicer takes the shape of a Lidded plastic container, where you can fit a Number of cutting plates into the lid’s opening. All the cutting blades fit perfectly into the container, making for easy storage. The T-fal Comfort mandolin grater is angled for optimum Comfort and ease of use. This slicer includes a fine grating blade, coarse grating blade, slicing blade, and julienne blade. Made from stainless steel and thermo resistant plastic, this T-fal Comfort mandolin grater is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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