Brooklyn Bean Roastery Big Kahuna Review @BROOKLYNBEANS1

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Big Kahuna Review

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Big Kahuna Review

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Big Kahuna Review

I definitely have a huge love for coffee. My day won’t start without it and I always have my afternoon cup. I must admit there are days when I have an evening cup as well. So I was thrilled when I received a box of Brooklyn Beans Roastery limited edition flavor called Big Kahuna.

This is such a smooth and delicious flavor, and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. Big Kahuna is a macadamia nut, white chocolate flavored coffee. I find this flavor absolutely delicious and I love to drink it black. I like that it’s not as strong as some and has a very smooth flavor that makes you want to enjoy your time. I like to drink it as my morning and afternoon coffee. It is also a great coffee for after dinner, which is why I’ve been having my evening cup almost every night. This coffee is the best combination of macadamia nut and white chocolate I’ve tasted.

My hunny also loves this flavor. When he opens his thermos at work, he says it fills the break-room with an aroma to die for and everyone notices. He’s not one to remember names of coffee flavors. But he has learned this one because everyone is always asking him what flavor it is. 

My best friend is a huge fan of both white chocolate and macadamia nuts. She loves this coffee and says that it tastes just like eating the actual cookies.

As you can see this is a great coffee that you can get on Amazon.

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