6 Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Home: Guest Post

6 Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Home

6 Simple Steps to Feng Shui Your Home

From improving health to increasing motivation and energy, there are plenty of benefits of Feng Shui. So it’s pretty understandable why you would consider to Feng Shui your home. While Feng Shui principles can be complicated, there are some easy steps that you can take in order to apply Feng Shui in any space. So if you are planning on incorporating Feng Shui principles in your home without having to go through the trouble of getting into the complexities of it then here are some steps to help you out with that.

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1. Figure out the areas you need to Feng Shui

There may be areas in your house which are very well maintained like your bedroom or lounge but areas like your kitchen and porch might be the areas which are neglected. Initiate by figuring out the part of your home that needs attention the most. One of the rules of Feng Shui is to consider the different areas of your house as closely linked to each other. You might feel like ignoring parts of your home which you can’t be bothered to tidy up like the garage or the store room. You should avoid doing such things as one messed up area will spread the negative energy throughout your home.

2. Cut the clutter

Whether you Feng Shui your house or not, this step is something that goes without saying. Clearing out clutter from your house will not only make your space feel tidier but it is also an important step in Feng Shui. Don’t miss out on this step because it is important in order to achieve positive energy and good Feng Shui. 

Cutting out clutter may seem tiring but you can always find some easy home cleaning tips and tricks.

3. Let the air and light in

Let in the light and the air in your house because these two elements will bring positive energy in your home which is known as Chi. Keep your windows open and your blinds up to let as much air and light inside. Open the front door too because that’s where the energy flows into your house from.

4. Seek balance by nature’s five elements

You can stay grounded and gain balance by having something that represents the five basic elements which are earth, fire, metal, water and wood. In order to do that place pebbles in a wooden centerpiece or some flowers in a metal vase.

5. Place mirrors wisely

Little did you know that mirrors reflect energy so if you position them in a way that they reflect flowers or beautiful scenery then positive energy will flow through your home. However, if you make the mistake of placing the mirrors in a way that they reflect trash cans or messy areas of your house then that will bring negative energy in your home.

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6. Make your bedroom a peaceful retreat 

What makes our bedroom the most important part of our house is the fact that we seek peace, balance and restoration in it, which makes it very important for us to make it as comfortable as we can. Use fluffy pillows and comfortable blankets so that you can have a good sleep. 

Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She is an avid writer and a content curator at AlRug.com. You can find her on twitter @ridamaqbool02.

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